Letter Mo Update 1

So far, I have sent THIRTY (30) letters and postcards to friends and family.  And a few strangers.

I sent a card to Lightheaded on February 1 so we can easily see how many days it will take to fly/ship. Hoping the zombies don’t intercept it.

All the nieces and nephews have been sent a Valentine’s card, as well as my Great Aunt.  Now I’m ready to send letters to Belle, Melissa, Bybee, and Jaspreet and a few other friends and blogger-buds that I have addresses for.

I await cards in MY mailbox so that I can immediately write back!

Oh, and in January, I sent FIFTY pieces of correspondence.

Did I miss you?  Want some fun mail?   email me or DM me @BkClubCare.

What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying acrosscontinents a warm human hand-clasp.          ~Author Unknown


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16 thoughts on “Letter Mo Update 1

  1. Good for you! You’re doing great on your resolution! I haven’t written a real letter in a long time, but I try to send cards for nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays. I had one faithful letter-writing correspondent back in my college days, but I ended up marrying him!

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