Mailbox Monday 2.6.12

So excited to JUST NOW pull this out of my mailbox!  Thanks Nancy!!

And I was able to pick this one up from the library last Thursday for my book club read and I’m half way through already:

I’m finding it quite depressing.

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WHAT BOOKS came into YOUR HOUSE this past week?


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23 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 2.6.12

    1. Yea, it might be depressing but I do want to know what happens! Will prolly finish today.

      I’ve not read any Thrity Umrigar; her name is fun to say outloud.

    1. OK! I don’t know *when* I will get to it; I have a long crowded list of must-reads this Spring. I will need to make sure it doesn’t get buried. I have two other excellent books that Nancy gave me that are miffed that I brought another stray in.

  1. I’m curious about Model Home now. And I cannot look at that first book without getting fixated on the author’s first name … which I always make into “Thrifty.”

    1. I know! I need to hold and touch and pick up and SEE on the shelf or table top or… I need a book’s physical presence. My ebooks are so quickly forgotten.

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