Wordless Wednesday 2.1.12


13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 2.1.12

    1. Oh Jeanne! I was hoping you’d stop by and “admire” (cough,cough) my lil poem. THANK YOU for pointing me to this lovely bread poem. Really, the thing I am most amazed at is how you poets remember these poems! Thanks.

    1. You may look at anything you like. 🙂 I will be starting Cloud Atlas in March. I have already read and recommend highly The Secret Life of Lobsters (which you already know or you might not have recognized the cover art) and as for The Artist’s Way? sigh. I need to get to that one. (The shadow art is of the hub when he was in grade school.)

      1. Oh, hmm. Can I read with Cloud Atlas with you? Seems like that would be a good one to take on the plane. I’ve got a copy. It’s not small but not huge, either.

        I actually have a copy of The Secret Life of Lobsters and enjoyed your review. Bonnie of Bonnie’s Books recommended it to me, about 2 years ago. Haven’t gotten to it, yet, but it’s in a prominent place.

  1. I SO want a craft room!

    I’ve always loved the idea of The Artist’s Way, but I’ve only been able to do the morning pages part of it consistently. There’s a real magic to morning pages, though, so they’re well worth it!

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