Poetry Day

Today is Poetry Day for Lu and Kelly-TheWrittenWorld-Kailana-MyReadingBooks-PseudoKiwiCanadian-@BookishNerd as just one piece of the big celebrate-poetry event they are plotting to get me to read deep things that may or may not rhyme. Clicking on the pretty blue button above will transport you to that other world.

Here’s what I came up with for today:

I baked bread.
Just today, this morning.
very exciting.
I am hoping it is sourdough.
The cookbook index
Does not list sourdough.
It is boule.
Says it sours over days.
(The batter. Batter?
In the refrigerator.)
It smells so good.
Now that it is baked.
So tempting, not to tear into it.
Must let it cool.
Be cool.
Yum, I heart fresh bread.
And I made it myself!
I’m so proud.
Could anything be more basic

Well? LOTS going on here, for such a simple poem that doesn’t rhyme. A carefree woman of middle-age who wants to try new things and get healthy – that’s the surface view. Who writes poetry about bread because she doesn’t own any poetry books that feature any poems about bread and that is what she felt compelled to talk about considering that she just crafted a loaf of homemade bread and wanted to share it with the world. But underneath, we glimpse a woman possibly unsure of what she really wants to do with her days and is easily swayed by trends – bake your own bread!write your own poems! I bet she is someone who talks too much about herself. But overall, a good person.

“The people long eagerly for two things –
Bread and circuses.”

– Juvenal (c. 60-140 A.D.)



Copyright © 2007-2012. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

29 thoughts on “Poetry Day

  1. Wonderful analysis of the poem, which I suspect came from your own head. I really like the bread photo as well. I hope you will consider reading more poetry and joining my 2012 challenge.

    1. I do have Yusef Komunyakaa’s Neon Vernacular (no bread poems, that I could find) and have unofficially joined your challenge by hoping to enjoy this book!

    1. Don’t you think that blogging is often just talking too much? But it’s still fun.

      And I think your poem that you posted is lovely.

    1. ya know? I did. And it was a lot quicker to do this than I thought it would. I really did set out to FIND a bread poem already written.

    1. Dawn, aren’t you the sweetest. You’ll have to tell me the basic recipe for the healthy stuff. I am amazed that I couldn’t find ANY reference to gluten free when I searched their blog. I mean I did get a lot of posts as results but nothing specific that I could find. (Maybe I spelled it wrong.)

  2. Oh Care. I heart you. I’m not sure which made me smile more–the poem or the commentary. Though I do feel that there should have been some exclamation points in there.

    Watch the tone change:

    I baked bread!
    Just today, this morning!
    very exciting!!!!
    I am hoping it is sourdough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing this poem about bread! You know, I don’t know that I’ve read any poetry about bread lately. I’m glad we can add this one to the list! Thank you for participating!

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