Tuesday Topical █ January 24, 2012

Another Tuesday, another random post of randomness.

I am a few pages in to 1Q84 Book Two.

Yesterday was International Pie Day but I didn’t make a pie. Shocker?! I just wasn’t feelin’ it. And I have almost a full 9×13 pan of cheesecake sopapillas sitting in the fridge. This delectable dessert is made of 2 blocks of cream cheese, a stick of butter, 1 1/2 cups sugar and 2 packages of crescent rolls. I really don’t want to be the only person in the house eating that AND a pie.

I’ll make a pie on PI DAY, March 14.  (I hope anyway.)

Now for the whining.

Last week, under fabulous advice from some of my Tweet-Friends who love audio books, I was inspired to purchase a Creative Labs ZEN Mosaic EZ100.  I bought the refurbished one advertised for about half off the *NEW* retail price which unfortunately means that I don’t have any guide books included and I can’t find any serial or models numbers so I am having difficulty with registering the product and getting into the website. I know I’m whining and frustrated and good things do not come of poor attitudes like the one I’m exhibiting but I don’t know quite what to do. I’m tempted to take the thing down to BestBuy under the guise of buying a charger but hoping I can get a live person to show me which buttons to push to make the thing work.

Let me back up a day or two further… I had on my New Year’s Goals to FIND my husband’s MP3 player so that I can make my wish of listening to books come true and I did!  I found it!  It’s a SONY and more than a few years old.

So, I followed the enticing ads to subscribe to Audible.com and get my free book. I selected BossyPants by Tina Fey.

And being stupid and assuming that all mp3 players play audio books, I plugged the thing in and attempted to move my new audiobook to my player. NOPE. Incompatible. Sony doesn’t like to play with others. So now I have a book I can’t listen to unless I play it on my Mac which totally defeats what I want to do which is walk the dogs or mow the lawn.

That’s when I went on to Twitter to seek advice.

Thus the *new* mp3 player from Creative. I got it to charge. YAY. That worked fine. I dropped/dragged BossyPants to it. YAY. I see it! It’s there! I work the menu to select and hit play.


It says NOW PLAYING in the upper right hand corner. It shows a progress bar across the bottom. It even has the scary pic of Tina with the big hands in the background. Nothin’. Rather than a green arrow, I see an orange square. And that’s it. I don’t know what else to do.

I downloaded the Guide book from the website but I don’t think they had a Mac option – it’s just garbled mess.  [FIRST CLUE? or do I need a shovel slammed to my head.]

I am waiting for an email from Creative but it took so long for it to be accepted without serial and model numbers in the form that I don’t know what canned “we-can’t-help-you-without-proper-documentation’ response I might get.

Do you know anyone with a ZEN Mozaic EZ100?  or do I just find a middle school kid and have them figure it out?  Help?

oh hell. I give up. Just going to send it back and buy an iPod.  I just saw in the Forums that   the Zen and Macs don’t play well together.  Why did I assume that this should be easy?


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Topical █ January 24, 2012

    1. Well, THAT might be an option! Hmmmm. You have an iPhone? I mean I would have to get one of those and the whole idea is that I don’t want to spend much money…

  1. Oh poor you – that will bug me horribly! To end up with something that I just cannot use. Uff. I’ve never used one of those, or I would try to help you. Maybe Creative will somehow get back? They should, right?

    1. I’m entirely TOO IMPATIENT. I decided to scrap the whole plan and ship it back. I’ll just hire out the lawn mowing this summer and then I won’t need audio books after all.

  2. Jimmi

    I have been having issues getting library audiobooks from iTunes to the iPhone. Click on books in iTunes and see if the different parts/sections are listed. And the look at playlists and see if iTunes created one for the book. If it didn’t, create a playlist for the book and transfer it to the zen. I truly believe that it might be an iTunes issue and not zen. But perhaps not.

    1. I decided to ship the damn thing back. I don’t have the patience for this crap anymore. I want plug and play. We’re thinking about ditching home phone and buying an iPhone to be the home phone as well as give D a non-biz cellphone. And then I can prob do audio books. I also need to look into if the library has devices to loan as well as books. 🙂
      I sometimes just want books and no techie devices at all. A book, a boat, a beer and some sunshine…

  3. I feel for you! Deeply! And with a little too much relating going on. Maxidoodle wanted a PSPGO soooooo badly for Christmas. Being the mean/poor parents that we are, we didn’t get him one. 😛 But with the money he raked in from his grandparents and aunts/uncles plus some he’d had saved from allowance, he managed to come up with enough to buy one himself. But the darn (biting tongue because “darn” is really not the word I’d like to use) thing has been nothing but a pain. Little did we know that they don’t play nicely with Macs either.

    But onto happier things–are those the cheesecake sopapillas you pinned? OMG–those things look heavenly!!!!

    1. Jimmi

      Not having a Mac I’m not sure I’m correct. But I truely think that it might be an iTunes issue. That is if you are using iTunes as the mechanism to get things to the player.

  4. I want to come over to your place and help you eat that cheesecake sopapillas! I’ve never heard of such a delectable sounding creation – it does sound like it might clog the arteries just to be harboring it in the fridge but I think it’s worth chancing it.

    I have audiobooks on my iPhone and on an audiobooks-only iPod – my old iPod broke just before Christmas a year and a bit ago (so at least it timed its breaking down right), and I got everyone to chip in to get me the one with the gagillion bytes of memory so now I basically am a walking audiobook library.

  5. As much as I hate to be the person that says Apple is the way to go…well, Apple is the way to go. I play my audiobooks on my iPhone. I mostly listen to them in the car ’cause I have an auxiliary jack that I can plug the phone directly into. But I also listen to them while walking…so nice to have the phone and the mp3 player all in one. So audible to iTunes to iPhone (or iPad)…easy-peasy. And we gave up our landline last year, so that’s one less phone bill.
    If you don’t want to spend the money on a new iPhone, I still have my old 3G model. Even without a phone contract, it should work like an iPod (and I can test that with my computer if you want). I’d trade you some books for it.

    1. I know, I know. Apple.

      My stupid phone might even be able to play these things – I have never explored it. I don’t have any way to connect it to my laptop so that would be $20 probably.

      And wow. You are mighty generous! But really, I really do think I should take the plunge and (somehow resist the analysis-paralysis) and buy an iphone and/or ipod. I was just looking at the Apple site and I can actually get an iPhone FREE with a 2 year contract?! who knew.

      Really, thanks so much for you offer. Amazing nice of you. I’ll just sub three extra days this month and I can afford an iPod shuffle at least, I think.

  6. Yes, my attempt at listening to audiobooks more is not going well… The guy stole my mp3 player… But, I had an excited moment last night when I was reading your comments and it informed me I have this thing called a cellphone and I can probably use it for audio books. I can! The guy still totally owes me a player of some sort, though..

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