Hashtag #1Q84

We are starting an extremely informal readalong of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 this month and be ‘we’, I mean, me along with Maree of Just Add Books and Kailana at The Written World.


And when I say INFORMAL, I mean that we don’t have much more of a plan than to chat it up on TWITTER using hashtag #1Q84.  Since Maree is on the other side of the world and I always have to consult exactly what time it is for her (I usually end up googling “what time is it right now in New Zealand” and this is what link I get:   http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_NZ.aspx – it tells me it is 1:30 am to my Eastern US time of 7:30 am)

WAIT!  Unless Maree is a night owl, this plan may not work well.  I was thinking we would check in on Wednesday Nights into Thursday Mornings…

Well, we’ll just see how it goes.  Twitter can accommodate spontaneous conversations.

Otherwise, my plan is to have posts every so often with updates. Emails are likely; goodreads.com is a certainty.

UPDATE #1:  I opened the book last night and read two chapters, putting me on page 28.  I have a few wait-around errands today so I might get a few more pages.  I’m reading the hardback print version.

Carry on, Happy January!


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12 thoughts on “Hashtag #1Q84

  1. I figured I had a better chance of reading said book on my e-reader, so I loaded a copy on there. It is just so big! I guess that also means the pages are different. I read 10 more yesterday before getting interrupted again and that is probably only about 5 in the hard cover. I will have to keep checking back and forth…

    1. I thought about it but some books just need to be appreciated in hardback. I had a feeling I would want to constantly flip back and forth and I find that most disconcerting in eBook format.

      I am finding it immensely readable.

  2. 1Q84 was not my favorite of Murakami’s works, but it is certainly interesting. I like what he has to say about a couple in love. As to ‘the Little People’ and the ‘Air Chrysalis’? Not sure I’ll ever really understand those…

    1. I’ve only read Wind-Up Bird; HM is always surprising or makes me wonder what he *REALLY* wants me to get from the passages, etc.

      I can see why so many readers like him. I am strangely compelled to read this.

      I expect I will have lots of HUH? moments…

    1. I thought you passed! OF COURSE you are welcome!!!! We are going to ‘check in’ on Wednesday night / Thurs mornings on twitter. If I get any emails, I will copy you.

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