Loaned To Me Books

I am committed to reading these books this year because someone thought I should:

An Unlikely Angel by Ashley Smith – from my neighbor K.

Radio Shangri-La by Lisa Napoli – from Nancy

Fire Season by Philip Connors – from Nancy

Nemesis by Peter Evans – from Madeline – by the way, if you are reading this, Miss Mad – I promise Oscar and I’ll be back to visit you next week.  Tell ya all about it later….

Martha, inc. by Christopher Byron – also from Madeline

Two Rivers by T.Greenwood – from Holly

Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard – WON in a giveaway, recommended by Rhapsody-Jill, I think

A Theory of Relativity by Jacquelyn Mitchard – another from Holly

Me and Mr. Darcy by  Alexandra Potter – again, from Holly

Save the Cat!  by Blake Snyder – WON in a giveaway by Trisha

Film School by Neil Landau with Matthew Frederick – I think I won this from Trisha

Moby Dick by Herman Melville – from my Father-in-Law

Please ignore the books on top.  I didn’t want to cut them out of the photo.  Copley the Lobster is a good book shelf accoutrement, dontcha think? He’s giggling because he thinks I do not know about his secret life. But I’ve already read that book.  (It’s VERY good, too.)

I will be reading Cloud Atlas in March and I abandoned Cranford last year but vow to get back to it.

I’m most excited about starting the two from Nancy, especially Fire Season, and then Emotional Geology.  I know I have a few from Holly coming soon;  I gave her The Night Circus for her birthday in December and now my book club has chosen it so I need it back.  She assures me that she just started it and will have it read by the weekend.  She’s a great friend.  She also insists I read Angels and Insects by A.S.Byatt.  I must oblige.

As I double check my bookcase for any I missed, I do see Lobotomy by that Ree loaned me, I think, I hope.  And I have a few other winnings – like the PIE book from Trish.  Probably more.  🙂

AND!  If YOU have sent me a book that is not listed here, please please administer the admonishments! Let me know. Thanks.

2012 PERSONAL CHALLENGE #1 – bring it on!


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16 thoughts on “Loaned To Me Books

  1. Ah, I’m obviously going to have to look up Save the Cat to see what that one’s about. Fire Season has remained my top non-fiction read in 2011. It is just wonderful. I’m finding Little Princes is much the same — its narrator modest and open about his challenges as well as his victories. Have you read Little Princes by Conor Grennan?

    Best of luck tackling that shelf. If I can find my copy of Cloud Atlas by March, I’ll want to join you if that’s okay.

  2. Had to laugh at Chris’s comment. OF COURSE, it’s because of you.

    Lobsters = Care

    Pie = Care

    Those are simple facts of life, after all. 😛

  3. I love, love when people loan me books but then I hate it because I’m so bad about getting around to reading them. Then I forget who loaned them to me so I can’t remember who I need to return them to. Usually I just say no to loans anymore. Good luck with this!

  4. Geez, the only one of these I’ve read is Moby Dick (and only because I was forced to). How pathetic! I want to try Emotional Geology, although it sounds really sad. Have a great weekend!

  5. *waves to Copley* Always nice to see him 😀

    I’m also planning to read Cloud Atlas at some point this year. We should start a movement 😉

  6. I’m defintely trying to be better about reading gifted and loaned books quicker. Though I received 1Q84 for Christmas and it scares the life out of me! 😉

    Maman’s Homesick Pie is an easy one to read. You’ll blow right through it.

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