Last Wordless Wednesday of 2011


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14 thoughts on “Last Wordless Wednesday of 2011

    1. Actually, I’m picking my next “life” journal – I record EVERYTHING I can but I don’t get wigged out about it if I miss a few days. I get to pick my 2012 – I think I’m going to choose the one on the left. I always get excited when the end of my journal arrives at the end of the year. 🙂

      1. Scratch that; I’m going with the one on the far right, with the photos of the 60s ladies – funky!

        But it does seem I have a penchant for pinks and purples…

    1. Does it feel like you that this week is going slow? But that next week is going to wHOOOOooosh right by me if I don’t pay attention?! Maybe it’s just me.

  1. Ah, you seem so well organized.

    I am not, but then I got a wonderful surprise today because I hadn´t checked my students´ schedule for next week: two extra days off because they are in a project I am not part of 😀

    NB: I love the way you spend more than twenty words explaining why there are no tags 😀

    1. I love to organize but spin my wheels often about how to BEST to be efficient with the data and the tracking process.

      Enjoy your extra days! A lovely surprise.

      What is NB? is that like P.S. = post script for ‘extra thought’ or something more serious? I googled it and it seems to be of more European use.

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