Cat in a Diamond Dazzle

Thoughts  Cat in a Diamond Dazzle by Carole Nelson Douglas, Forge: A Tom Doherty Associates Book 1996, 414 pages, GENRE: Chicklit Mystery?

Christmas Lobster #13

Yep, it’s a bottle opener.

This book was not my kind of book.  I only read it because it had DIAMOND in the title and I wanted to fulfill the JEWEL category of What’s in a Name 4 Challenge.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing WRONG with this book – just aint for me.  I never had to roll my eyes or question any facts or critique any sentence structure or wonder where it was going.

If you are already a fan of Carole Nelson Douglas, I’m sure this is fine. If you like cats that solve mysteries, you might like this. The premise was fun, I actually liked the cat but this book – for me – was TOOOOOO LOOOOOOONNNNG. I was bored; wanted much more action, less dialogue.  Dialogue propels this entire narrative, it seemed. I liked the cat’s part but that was a tiny portion. I’m not even a cat person! I’m sadly allergic. I do respect cats, however.

Apparently, CND has written quite a few of these Midnight Louie Mysteries and you all know I’m not a series-reader. I am discovering that I’m not much of a mystery reader anymore either. I also thought this book’s cultural references made it seem dated.

It’s about a girl who seems to get herself into situations involving murder and always ends up as a suspect. This time, a male model for a romance writer convention is killed and sure enough, our girl is involved.  Her cat (Midnight Louie) ends up figuring out the whodunnit and has to place the clues just so in order for the humans to have the AHA! moment.  There are other storylines and characters and drama, of course, but.   Sort of reminds me of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.

I started this in January.  Read a bit here and there (back and forth from Ulysess) and then misplaced the book for most of the year.  I recently dug it out of stacks of crap on the floor of my miscellaneous room and thought I better have a go at finishing.  I skimmed to the last quarter and didn’t feel like I missed anything. Then I read the cat’s overview of the the wrapup on the crime and now I feel very satisfied to check this as a DONE-READ and no longer a DNF.

I finished the What’s in a Name 4!  YIPPEE!!    CHECK.


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8 thoughts on “Cat in a Diamond Dazzle

  1. Yay for finishing the What’s in a Name challenge!

    And, I hear you on the cat allergy. It turns out the guy is allergic to Casey. Oh, well… I am not getting rid of her now! He is allergic to everything I swear…

  2. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Even though I love cats, there’s no way I’m touching this series. Mysteries bore me to tears, these days. Except for Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, but it was really more literary fiction than mystery.

    My cats naturally appreciate your respect.

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