Segunda-feira é um dia da semana

Translation from Portuguese:   Monday is a day of the week.   Just trying to get a friend’s attention…

Christmas Lobster #11

BOOKS in the HOUSE since last Monday:   Mrs. MISS! Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson, a Persephone Classics I received in the Holiday Exchange from my friend Karen.  I’m saving this for 2012 and the What’s in a Name 5 Challenge in the CALENDAR category.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.  For my read-along with Maree. I just told my friend Holly that we were buying this book for each other for Christmas and I was to have it first.  She owes me $15.

Maman’s Homesick Pie by Donia Bijan, thanks for a giveaway over at Love Laughter and Insanity. Thanks Trish!

The Secret Life of Lobsters    by Trevor Corson, thanks to a very dear blogger bud who amazes me with her total enthusiasm for throwing herself into the goodness that is life and being so generous to share and think of others she’s never even met who value her place here in the interwebs for always warming hearts with simple cherished acts of giving, Debi.  She is still very much important.  Thank you.

NOW – those of you who are signed up or are thinking about the What’s in a Name Challenge 5 (I have somehow become obsessed with everyone signing up for this one…), I here by tell you if you have NOT read The Secret Life of Lobsters, you should and it will totally count for the CREEPY-CRAWLY category since they often call lobsters ‘bugs’. So there. And the fact that it is utterly fascinating is a plus, too, yes?  I just might have to write a review of this since I read it pre-blog and then I can count it for Trisha’s meme for highlighting An Old Favorite.

I also bought the Artisan Bread cookbook for my hub the chef and I look forward to baking some yummy goodness.

Finally, I got the coolest email from my friend Ana who you may have instantly thought of yourself when you saw the title to this post.  Here’s what she sent me:  Thanks Nymeth!  #luvana

Christmas Lobster #12

Thanks for thinking of me!  Obrigado!


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26 thoughts on “Segunda-feira é um dia da semana

  1. Crap. I was afraid you already had it…but come on, how could I resist when I saw it?!! Glad to hear that at least it’s a good book. I bought a copy for Rich too…and now I know I should borrow it once he opens it. 😛

    And you know, I think you’ve made me cave…yep, perhaps I shall officially sign up for What’s in a Name. You know, so I can fail to complete it publicly instead of just in the privacy of my own little mind. 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying every little second of the holiday season, Care!!!!

    1. But Debi! That’s the BEAUTY of your gift is that I don’t have it and want it and did have it but loaned it out to someone and forgot who! I was just wondering the other day if I should buy myself another copy when wa la! It arrived in the mail. You’re like a book-angel.

  2. You are a funny one. And made me smile. 🙂 Glad you received the book and I hope you enjoy it!!
    Got your lovely Christmas picture in the mail. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m now thinking that perhaps I can get Christmas cards out by Valentines day? Bhahaha!

    1. It was odd to me that when I put in MONDAY into a translation website, I got ‘segunda-feira’ but when I did the reverse to check if it really was Monday, it said ‘not found’. So that’s why I put the whole sentence in…. Portuguese is HARD. Do you speak German, too?

  3. I’m so glad you have The Secret Life of Lobsters, I really enjoyed it earlier this year. Fun fact for you – when I was younger we actually took a family vacation to Maine and to Cranberry Island. I met many of the fishermen talked about, apparently, stayed with one family as Dad knew them, and was on a boat even perhaps. And my little sister who was two thought her name was Monster and introduced herself as such.

    Random right? heh

    1. Cool! Is your sister still a lil monster? too funny. You know who Linda Greenlaw is, right? I have a friend from Arkansas who actually found her phone number and called her for advice on how to become a commercial fisherman. She talked him out of it. I still crack up that he just called her out of the blue…

        1. I don’t have any sisters. 😦 But the boys in my life did good and married awesome women so I have great sisters-in-law. And they don’t even read this.

          sorry – we are off on a tangent now.


  4. Awesome gigantic lobster!

    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a good one – kind of sad, but a good read.

    I have a copy of The Secret Life of Lobsters. Haven’t read it. Should I challenge myself to read it in 2012?

    1. Yes! But, of course! I think you will like how it is presented – from various viewpoints and real stories to get involved in.

      And, this was my sole purpose to the lobster mania here. to get everyone to think: LOBSTER… Bwahahaha

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