Ah December

It’s Sunday as I write this and prep for Tuesday. And if I schedule this right, you’ll be reading this on Tuesday.

I’ve been thinking about my (sad) accomplishments per my goals for 2011 but also very happy that I have this little corner of a world that I can devote to books and have so many wonderful friendships that started here in this tiny corner of the interweb and blossomed into some amazing In-REAL-Life friendships.  Not just in 2011, but I can count Nancy as one who THIS YEAR has emerged from the 2 dimensional monitor screen of words & book cover images into an awesome 3-dimensionalness.  Of course, we managed to see each other not once, but twice and I still feel bad that I ‘stole’ a book that I was supposed to return to her.  (egads! faux pas)  If anyone wants to exchange a Christmas card snail-mail style, pls drop a mention into a comment and I’ll email ya.


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5 thoughts on “Ah December

  1. Sometimes goals aren’t so important. It’s good that you’ve expanded and deepened friendships. 🙂

    I’d do a card exchange with you, except I’m so behind that I haven’t even bought Jason his gifts, and I’ve decided I’m simply not going to have time to get to cards this year. 😦

    1. Also, since I hit “post comment” before fully activating my brain . . . it was so great to hang out with you, both times, this year. I hope we’ll get to do more of that in the future. I need to meet some other bloggers, too!!! I’ve only met 3, so far — and all were extraordinarily fun people to hang out with!

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