Lobster and a Question

The book I am currently reading Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto is titled at goodreads. com as ‘Before Ever After:  A Novel’.  Why do some books include these words “A Novel” in the title?  as a subtitle?  Just curious…

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry.


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19 thoughts on “Lobster and a Question

  1. I TOTALLY agree about the “a novel” thing. I don’t get why so many books do that. Even AS Byatt’s Possession is subtitled “A romance,” which is such a ridiculous understatement I can’t even begin to describe..

        1. Hub is proposing we boat up to Acadia; will see if he would entertain a stop only a bit farther north. But I think we’re gonna need more time. 🙂

  2. Is there an official reason for doing that? I can sometimes sympathize — to use Aarti’s example, I think “Possession: A Romance” is a nice case of deliberate understatement. In cases like that I think it’s a neat idea. But in most cases I don’t understand why they’ve bothered. Maybe it’s that they think “Before Ever After” would otherwise sound like a book about the cultural evolution of fairy tales. :p

    1. Yet, I find that most (a lot? only ones I’ve read?) that nonfiction makes the BEST use of subtitles. I love when a nonfiction book has a 4 line subtitle. 😉

  3. Apparently, it is supposed to make the novel name sound more complete. No, I made that reason up. But I read an author’s essay on how he came up with a title for his book. I forgot the book, but it had just one word in the title, and his editor adding ‘A Novel’ to it so that it sounded more like a title. Weird.

  4. Cute lobster 😀 I’ve always wondered the same thing about novels, lol. Why do you feel the need to TELL us it’s a novel! We know that!! Sometimes I think it just makes an author feel more official :p

  5. Because they think we can’t figure out that there are novels in the “fiction” section? I have wondered the same, although occasionally there have been titles that I thought would be easily confused as non-fiction. Still . . . we’re not quite that dim, are we? It’s not like they don’t usually say “fiction” or “non-fiction” on the cover.

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