And Another… (Christmas Lobster)

I was excited when I found this one; he is really celebrating.  Merry  Christmas!

And just in case anyone has been wondering what I want for Christmas this year…  

I want 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami but I can’t decide if I will prefer the eBook version since the Hardback is a doorstop so check with me first, ‘K? 

I want WordPress’s feature of copying posts to work on my blog.  Can NOT figure out why I can’t, but I can’t.

I want more hours in the day to visit and comment on book blogs, and I wish this be given to all book bloggers who might find it helpful, as well.  I like to share.

I want those who want or need a goat to be granted that wish.   See Heifer International.

I want Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all persons.

I want ridiculous arguments about whether or not government festive displays are HOLIDAY or CHRISTMAS to cease.

Let’s all just get along, shall we?   and find common ground, respect other’s differences, attempt to understand and fill the universe with happy feelings of love and hope and joy.

Well, this is Christmas, have a jolly good time.


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14 thoughts on “And Another… (Christmas Lobster)

    1. May I suggest you not give to a few other charities which would be unfair for me to mention because I do think they do good work but they send me more mail than HI.

  1. I’ve missed out on the annual hubbub about Christmas vs. Holiday because I’m skipping the news in just about every format imaginable. Too busy to bother with it, thank goodness! I could use more hours, yep. I’m pondering 1Q84 in e-book, but the new Stephen King book is the one that’s really catching my eye (also a chunkster). Hope you get your wish!

    1. Last time I was at the bookstore, I picked it up. I put it down. I picked it up, considered its weight, I put it down. I picked it up one more time and checked the price. I put it back down and it stayed there.

  2. Having read the doorstop version of 1Q84, I say get the actual book. I have been lending out mine and it feels good to be able to share the actual book with lovers of his writing. I had no problem toting it around. I removed the dust jacket and carried it around everywhere. Lots of folks asked me about it too since the dust jacket removal meant that only the Q and the 4 showed up on the spine.

    Love this little lobstah!!

  3. So generous of you to share the extra time! I know I could use a few more hours here and there!

    I asked for 1Q84 for Christmas. Since I only asked for TWO books I better get it. Or I’m going on strike. 😉

    Your lobsters have made me smile every day.

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