Merry WordPress Blog Snow

This might not deserve a post of its own, but I just ADORE the snow that WordPress gives our blogs in December.  Makes me smile every time I open my blog.

Merry Everything!  How about a Christmas Lobster to offer holiday cheer?

[UPDATED to add the link to the official how-to-make-it-snow-on-your-WordPres-blog, just click this.]


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20 thoughts on “Merry WordPress Blog Snow

  1. I am loving my snow too. For anyone who has WP and would like to add it.

    From you dashboard:

    Go to SETTINGS.
    At the bottom of the page, you can check the box for SNOW.


  2. BTW, in case you don’t see my other replies, I’m going to add to them in this post. I listed a few titles for your challenge thing and then I walked out to my living room and saw Kilvert’s Diary 1870-1879, ed. by William Plomer, “Kilvert’s detailed picture of life in the English countryside in mid-Victorian times.” I flipped through it and it’s a little choppy because it is a real diary, but the language is lovely.

    Also, I hope you won’t give up on sci-fi because of Neuromancer. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card or anything by Connie Willis might change your mind about the genre. I think you’d like Connie Willis, in particular.

    1. Oh, I’m not giving up on SciFi. I just don’t tend to seek it out unless I’m deliberatly seeking it out. right. Um, Ender’s Game scares me. Connie Willis IS on my tbr. Doesn’t she have a few titles that include the word DOG? 😉

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