Beet Pie

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A few book reviews back, I rated The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine by Alina Bronsky with 4 pies and wondered if those pies of worth should be beet, since beets were prominent in the Tartar diet.  That got a few of us wondering about beet pie and the search was on.  I knew I would have to experiment for this year’s Thanksgiving..

The Mini Beet Pies were a success.  I have documented the process on my Tumblr page.  Hopefully, it is accessible?  Never know with tumblr…   OR Try this link:

Beet Pie 2011

I had given a piece to my friend Holly who called to tell me that it was INCREDIBLE.  Aint she sweet?

Happy Crazy Shopping Weekend — or in my case, Happy Crazed House Cleaning Days!!


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21 thoughts on “Beet Pie

    1. That’s OK, Kathy, I do understand. How about a slice of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie? Unfortunately, I forgot to snap any photos and it’s almost all gone already.

  1. Apparently I need to give beets another thought. The pie does look yummy, but I think because I’m imagining it as strawberry rhubarb instead. 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Care.

  2. Fascinating. Sounds better when you read the recipe than I expected out of something with “beets” and “pie” in the same sentence. I don’t fear beets but I do fear it’ll never end up getting cooked in this household, however.

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