Happy American Thanksgiving

November is both a favorite month and a not so favorite month for me. It’s the start of the busy holiday shopping/planning/prepping season and a big travel time for us, as we always attend the Opening Day Pheasant Hunt in Kansas and then it is our wedding anniversary. Sometimes we don’t do much but this year, we spent a lovely weekend at a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont. And of course, there is the pie baking tradition for the day of thanks that we celebrate the fourth Thursday.  But the baking starts TODAY.

This year I’m making a Pumpkin using my grandmother’s “secret” recipe and I’m also trying a brand new one: Beet Pie! I’ll photo doc the process and share it later. So, while I hope to carve a few minutes of reading as the month whirls to a fast busy conclusion, I will post this shot of a pile of pumpkins.


A few things I’m most grateful for in alphabetical order:

A – the Alphabet, Authors, Apples, Automobiles

B – Books!

C – Creativity, compassion, crustaceans, cartwheels

D – Dennis

E – energy electricity enigmas eyes

F – fun

G – green things

H – the word ‘happy’, hearts, health, hugs, hands to hold

I – imagination

J – joy

K – kindness, kites

L – LO♥E,laughter, letters of correspondence sent to and received from family & friends

M – ♫, movies

N – nice people, notebooks, November

O – oxygen

P – pansies, petunias, passion, pumpkins, pies, plumbing, plums

Q – quiet, quests

R – romance

S – smiles

T – texture

U – understanding

W – wine, water, whirligigs

X – x-rays? (Just found out that I have spine issues, thus-or-because: the sore hip)

Z – zoos

I am grateful for what I am and have.
My thanksgiving is perpetual… 
O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. 
No run on my bank can drain it 
for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.

– Henry David Thoreau

The Thanksgiving 2011 Pumpkin Pie
Copyright © 2007-2011. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

28 thoughts on “Happy American Thanksgiving

  1. Beet Pie? I’m intrigued! I once made a Black-Eyed Pea Pie for New Years–it was horrible. 😛

    Sorry to hear about spine issues! Hope it’s nothing too serious, and that it can be helped!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Care!

    1. Black-Eyed Pea Pie. Hmmmm….. Every year I saw I need to make more savory pies – I am assuming this wasn’t SWEET, was it?!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Debi!

    1. Trish, I used to not like beets but that is because my dad hates them. I don’t think I ever really tried them; now I love ’em.

      I have lots to be grateful for in every letter.

    1. Thank you – may you have a lovely weekend full of reading. I met a guy from Nova Scotia yesterday; in town for the holiday and he had been to the Patriots football game. I would guess he wasn’t a native Canadian?!

    1. Oh Kathy, I hope yours was wonderful, too. I can imagine you had a fabulous spread of great food. 🙂 (we did. My hub made 3 kinds of dressing – the cornbread one was dynamite.)

  2. The pie looks fabulous! Pie making is becoming such a lost art.

    Hope you enjoyed your pheasant hunting trip to Kansas. Hubby used to hunt alot, but not so much in recent years. We just enjoy all the pancake feeds and soup suppers put on to feed hunters. 🙂

    1. Yes, the hunting food fest – it’s actually a texmex theme dinner on that Saturday night – is always a lot of fun. Almost more tradition on that weekend than any holiday I have ever experienced.

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