BAND: Reading for a Cause

BAND — Bloggers’ Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees — is a group organized to promote the joy of reading nonfiction. We are “advocates for nonfiction as a non-chore,” and we want you to join us. Each month, a member of BAND hosts a discussion on their blog related to nonfiction. 

The host for November’s BAND discussion is Amanda (Opinions of a Wolf) who writes about her tendency to read books related to specific social causes. She asks:

Do you read nonfiction to help support a cause(s)?

I do not often choose my nonfiction reads by cause. But I have been WANTING to collect titles on a subject dear to me. I have yet to work actively on this endeavor. In fact, I just went to my goodreads tbr to see what I had so far and realized I never created a category*. SO this post is just what I need to jump start and/or define that motivation.

My cause is the support and encouragement of women in STEM careers.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

First off, I would LOVE to have anyone – male and female – cease and desist saying such things like “I’m not good at math.” Stop saying this!  and NEVER EVER SAY it around children.  People say it like it is a badge of honor and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.   *GLARE*

Second, buy this book:  Math Curse  by Jon Scieszka.   So darn CUTE and adorable.  ~4th grade humor? Loved this kids book.

Third, biographies. I want the one on Ada Lovelace. I’m taking suggestions, please let me know of any awesome women in technology I should know more about. Searching Ada Lovelace – I find many MANY books written about her and I only became aware of her from blogging**. Shameful! It’s possible that I *did* know of her once and just forgot. These things happen.

I have read many terrific nonfiction books that could be classified STEM but they weren’t specific exclusive to my theme here. I did read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – this might count as a fascinating STEM book for this topic. My favorite part of this book is when Rebecca Skloot mentions she hated school until she heard about HeLa cells in science class.  Thus she begins her odyssey of chasing the Lacks’ story.

But would it fit into the ‘CAUSE’ category? I am not sure.

Fourth, the ONE book I did find that I have read that touches on this cause is They’re Not Dumb, They’re Different and it was an academic treatise full of statistics from 1990 about how to keep students (not gender specific) from dropping out of and/or changing their majors from the sciences. See my previous post, also from today.

Clearly, I need a focus and some dedicated time to work on this.  I thank the BAND for giving me this little kick.

* I have collected many twitter friends who subscribe to this cause – now I just need to solicit book titles.

** I included a link to Nymeth’s blog and her post on Women in Science to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day.  Or click the underlined part a few words back.


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13 thoughts on “BAND: Reading for a Cause

  1. I definitely think books on/about women in STEM fits in the cause category!! And I love that the discussion got you to make a section for it in your LibraryThing.

    Honestly, everyone is just impressing me so much with their causes this month. 😀

  2. Great post, Care. I’m with you 100% on the math and science thing. Those stereotypes definitely had an effect on me and I hope that moms and dads realize the negative consequences on their kids of that kind of thinking!

    1. Thanks. I get frustrated whenever I hear ANYTHING about parents saying yes/no to ANY career interest. The littlest thing said can point in a possibly wrong direction.

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