We Interrupt This Blog, …

I have been on a mini-vacation and I thought I had posts to post while I was gone but apparently not.  I hope to have an update for you all on Wednesday.

Carrie on.

In the meantime, tell me if you are going to bake a pie for Thanksgiving or if you look forward to a pie for Thanksgiving, or if you aren’t of the US-Thanksgiving-Holiday celebration crowd, what book you are reading.

Just trying to stay a bit involved. Thanks for humoring me!




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29 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog, …

    1. Kim, eating pie is just as good. At least I know pie is in your plans. 😀

      I would probably select the Eugenides – they only come around every so often!

  1. Hello! #luvcare I’m reading Good Night, Mr Holmes by Carole Nelson Douglas, which is a lot of fun. And I haven’t had pie in ages… any excuse is a good excuse, right?

  2. Hello! Hope you had a good holiday. Being in the UK, and Thanksgiving falling within a week of both my birthday and the first Sunday of Advent, it comes quite low in the pie-orities (see what I did there?).

    But I wouldn’t turn up my nose at pie.

    I just finished The Radleys by Matt Haig… it was ok, not brilliant. Not quite sure what to read next, going on a bit of a TBR shelf rampage I think.

    1. Pie-orities! I love it!!

      I suggest you give yourself 30 seconds to look and grab and see what you come up with. That’s what I did when I realized I was late for an appt but realized I needed a book. I came away with The Stone Diaries – seems to be a year for discovering pulitzers.

  3. I will be baking my first, gluten-free pumpkin pie this year. I plan to use crushed GF Gingersnaps as the crust, which sounds pretty darn good at the moment. My fave part of a pie is the crust so I hope it turns out.

    1. That’s brilliant! I did find a GF crust online somewhere that somebody sweared by but it was c-o-m-P-L-I-C-ated. I printed it but not sure where I put it. Your way sounds like a good option. Except that I seriously hate making those kinds of crusts. I’m not very good at it.

  4. *hangs head in shame* I bought a pecan pie for a Thanksgiving get together we’re going to. I’m not confident enough in pie baking skills to make one and take it. Maybe next year. Also, I’ll hopefully be doing some fun reading that weekend, we shall see.

    1. Dearest, when you are ready to attempt a pie, you just let me know. I will be glad to assuage your fears, give ideas for easy pie making from super dooper easy to not that hard and let you just give it a go. Honestly, the roll out pie crusts are fine and cheating IS allowed!

    1. I was thinking about eschewing the pumpkin pie for a pumpkin cake thing that tastes like pie but I don’t know… Perhaps I will stick with only a chocolate raspberry and the new sweet beet pie that the other Jill shared with me a few months ago that I’m dying to try.

  5. I do not look forward to a pie at Thanksgiving. I guess my family are not huge pie people. Huh. But I do look forward to some insanely good drunk chicken which makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    1. Jenny, you are hereby excused from pie and totally encouraged to share in your family traditions as you see best. 🙂 But do know, that if you ever visit me, I might foist one upon you. But not in your face like the old movies. I wouldn’t do that.

    1. I’ve always had good luck making pecan pies but I hear some people have disastrous results. I just use the label on the karo syrup bottle. But my pumpkin pie recipe is from my Grandma and has a secret ingredient.

  6. “Carrie on” had me ROFL-ing! Are there any kind of pies that I can take from VA to NY on a train for 8 hours, without worrying about it oozing out or getting messed up? I doubt it.

    1. Well, you could possibly FREEZE a pie – like a blueberry or any double crusted fruit pie and wrap it good. As soon as you get to where you are going, you pop it into the oven? maybe…

  7. I’m so behind in my reader that I’m not sure if you’ve already taken a trip or not. 😛

    I’ll be making Apple Pie for sure this Thanksgiving. Make it every year (at least once). Probably pumpkin as well, though I got my hands on a yummy sounding sweet potato pie. What about you, oh pie goddess?

    1. How sweet of you to ask! I’m making a BEET pie! cuz of Rhapsody-Jill who put me on to it. and also a chocolate raspberry. I’m sure I will document the Beet Pie recipe and results – probably on tumblr.

  8. Oh.. I haven´t even had time to notice you had gone missing! So as you can see, my blogging has been even more erratic lately.

    We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark which is my brilliant excuse for not making any pies. But the truth is that if I did, my children would hardly run the risk of tasting them anyway 😉

    1. Oh Dorte! I get a little antsy when I see a drastic drop in visitors knowing (assuming) it is because I have let too many days lapse between postings. All silliness.

      Your kids won’t eat pie!? What’s wrong with them? 😀

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