Tuesday Topical █ November 8, 2011

Another Tuesday, another Tuesday Topical.

First, the most exciting news!  I received the name and address of the person I will be sending a Persephone to in the Holiday Exchange!  SQUEEEE!!!   Now, to choose the title.  Sigh – this is where it gets difficult…  Time to spy on the blogger and see what books s/he likes.

I will be sending clues.  I hope others send clues so that the SantEE doesn’t realize that I am the only one sending clues cuz that would give it all away.


Second, I have a book to tell you about that I have NOT read (yet) but hope to give as gifts:

 Lobster Lady by Vivan Volovar, Flat Hammock Press 2007 (I usually try to have a link to goodreads from the bookcover but goodreads isn’t cooperating.  I will fix once the site is up again.)

yes, a KIDs BOOK.

I didn’t buy it when I saw it, but I wish I had.  They only had one so I thought to myself, I’ll just order online and get a copies for ALL the N&Ns!  So this post is my reminder to do so.

I might have to get one for myself, too.


Third, Fourth, Fifth, etc…    I am so annoyed at goodreads.com today – every search I make results in an ERROR  BAD # msg, GRRRrrrrr.  I can get very distracted with Pinterest.  I have a book review of The Killer Angels to post soon. I’m currently reading A Visit from the Goon Squad and have to read The Paris Wife before Nov 17’s BookClub meeting. That’s all, have a beautiful Tuesday and rest of the week.


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Topical █ November 8, 2011

  1. I cannot wait to hear what you think of The Paris Wife ’cause it’s on my wish list. Someday, I’m going to get back to Goodreads. I keep getting a message saying, “You’ve been reading Book X for 289 days.” Erk. I have NOT! I just haven’t updated for 289 days. Geez.

    I sort of fell asleep for 5 days and forgot the Persephone thing. Oh, well. Mayhaps I’ll get a grip in 2012.

    1. Hmmm, I’m not looking forward to it. My mom wasn’t too fond of the Paris Wife and so I’m afraid, I’m letting that bias my expectations to the negative.

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