Photo Wednesday 11/02/2011

This is what came in the mail yesterday:  BookSeats and the Persephone Catalog.





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33 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday 11/02/2011

    1. I first saw the BookSeat at BEA in 2010. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who has trouble holding books comfortably.

      I meant to take out my Persephone bookmark for the photo but I forgot.

    1. And not easy to find. I asked the US rep for stores in my area; not many and none of the bookstores had websites listing it as in stock. So I had to call and luckily Harvard Bookstore had some.

    1. Oh Diane! I was at first wondering how I had missed the cat – oh, you meant CATALOG. sillyME.
      I’m still partial to my real paper books. But I do read on my iPad occasionally but it is not a one-hand-holdable device, sadly.

  1. Great Photo Wednesday. The book chairs look handy, especially for those of us with carpal tunnel and arthritis. But mostly, i just loved the K-State shirt. Go Cats! 🙂

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