BAD GIRLS don’t die

Thoughts    Bad Girls Don’t Die  by Katie Alender, Hyperion Books 2009, 346 pages

FIRST SENTENCE:  I stood perfectly still, looking up at the house and the dark sky beyond it.

MOTIVATION:   It’s Halloween! Needed a ghost story. Not sure where I got this ARC…

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  Alexis is a loner high school kid with pink hair who lives in creepy old house that has a doll-obsessed spook. Alexis’ little sister becomes possessed. Other people notice, but Alexis (aka Lexi aka PINK) tells everyone to ‘leave us alone’. With help from the most popular cheerleader, ‘Pink’ finally wises up, makes new friends, saves the town, falls in love.

WHAT’s GOOD:  I liked the protagonist quite a bit.  She had some teenage angst crap and suffered locked-in stereotypical thinking but she was strong.  The story was fun, the evil spirit was mean as they come, and fortunately the love interest angle was not a prevalent distraction.

WHAT’s NOT so good:   The sister was supposed to be in 8th grade and she was drawn SO much YOUNGER!  and that was even brought up in the plot but I still couldn’t believe how childish she was. I could tell the story plot WAAAAY before our Pink hero so no surprises except for how long it took her to figure it out.  And there was one aside in a library scene about how to pronounce the word ‘microfiche’ which was amusing to me but not in a good way.

But still, I liked it and can certainly recommend it.


RATING:  Three slices of pie of pumpkin pie.  (Click here to see Write Meg! ‘s  post on how to make one!)

Other REVIEWS:   Again, I refer you to Fyrefly’s awesome book blogger review search.



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9 thoughts on “BAD GIRLS don’t die

  1. Sounds interesting, and I could probably live with the transparent plot if the book was otherwise good, but children who do not seem to be the righ age annoy me terribly. I have been known to write separate blog posts about children´s development when writers get it wrong 😉

    1. That was what was kind of odd; the main character kept noticing that she was being childish but I never got a sense of her being her true age, if that makes sense. So, I guess it was intentional – she was, of course, being possessed by a child ghost – but it felt wrong.

  2. Sounds like a good read for this time of year! Teen angst is high on my “annoying” meter, but I can tolerate a little bit (and remember when I was that age). Thanks for linking to my pumpkin post, too!

  3. This does sound interesting. There was a house when I was growing up that all the kids thought was possessed that had stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. The story was the family would take them down every day and a spirit would hang them back each evening. We used to drive by, hoping the curtains would be open so we could see a few of the stuffed animals hanging there.

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