Holiday Persephone Exchange

Persephone Secret Santa is coming!  Persephone Secret Santa is coming!!

Last year, I decided to join this Holiday Exchange that is so popular even tho or maybe BECAUSE I had never read a Persephone* published work.  I knew many bloggers were enthusiastic about these grey covered books and I wanted to find out why.

(clicking on the button above or this line will tell you all about how to join the fun this year.)

I joined a tad late or *cough* forgot to actually ORDER the book for my Santee so I thought I had better send some clues to ensure the book blogger didn’t feel forlorn and lonely and unloved and sad. I risked that she wouldn’t get the book until the new year! To keep her in the excitement of it all, I sent a few postcards with hints about me.

In the process, I caused a mild sensation. Karen, of the blog Karen’s Books and Chocolate, was in a tizzy trying to figure out WHO her Santa was, her ‘in real life’ friend Amanda helped me and egged it on some more, and Claire, the exchange coordinator, delighted in the mystery and the hoopla. We all had fun. Most important, I made new friends.

I, in turn, received my very first Persephone from Nat of In Spring It Is the Dawn and I couldn’t have been more happy with the title she chose for me.  Click here for my review of Someone At a Distance by Dorothy Whipple; about love and marriage and family, featuring deliciously drawn characters, I had even more fun sharing this book with my friend Madeline and then sending on to another friend after that.

I can’t wait to join the fun again and make new friends.

JOIN!  Give a book, get a book, make a friend or two.



*  Persephone Books is a UK publisher that brings attention to classic and often forgotten novels by women.


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8 thoughts on “Holiday Persephone Exchange

  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious and heartwarming! I am delighted that you are joining in again this year; you inspired me last year and bound to do the same again (no pressure!)
    I missed your review of Someone at a Distance and thoroughly enjoyed reading it now. I hope you enjoy your second Persephone as much as you did your first.

  2. It was SUCH FUN being your Santee last year! I loved all the clues, and I’m so glad you’re participating again this year. Hey, maybe you’ll be MY Santee this year!

    And I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea and send clues this year too. That was really cool. Of course I may have just given myself away!

    1. Great fun! of course, you can use the clues idea! I have no thoughts of ownership to it at all!! I would love to be your Santee. That would be cool. but I’m sure it will work out like it’s supposed to. 🙂

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