Thoughts on the ‘Thon

Quick off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts on the latest Read-A-Thon to share…   Opinions are my own.

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1.   I love TWITTER for these kinds of events and I thank our Cheerios Trish and Erin for running with my idea to create squad cohesion with assigned hashtags.

aaaaaa a.  LOVE it when I can quickly tweet at someone from their blog!   I actually need to add the button myself (link is on my About page…) Something for me to do at the next Bloggiesta.

bbbbbb b.  If a reader isn’t going to use their blog BUT only use Twitter or FB, they should update somewhere to say such.  or ARE NOT PARTICIPATING at all?!    I like the suggestion that we have people check in again the day before…

2.   Word verification!  Turn it off. Thanks. You only need to turn it off for the 24 hours. Also, if you have a platform that makes it difficult to comment on, you will likely NOT get any cheers.  Just sayin’.

3.  I appreciate twitterers who cheered for any lonely readers that I found and thought they needed extra attention!  Maree – thank you.  ♥

4.  Twitter aside, I was a lousy participant. I didn’t track time spent on task. I didn’t read a word of any book. I didn’t complete any mini-challenges. I even got a full night’s sleep.  I blame it all on the fact that I had company. Next time, I hope I can get away and find a buddy and hide in a cocoon.

5.  I did, however, work my way through ALL the R – Z names on the reader list at the Cheer Site.  I almost made it through the list twice! Unfortunately, I probably skipped anyone that made it difficult to comment.  Sorry.

6. I hope to create a space/page for cheers – if you penned one or received one, please let me know.   IN PROGRESS

“Books are read, Violets are blue, To all the #readathon -ers still awake! We’re so proud of YOU!” – #CheerTRIX


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16 thoughts on “Thoughts on the ‘Thon

  1. I personally don’t mind the issue of leaving ‘thoughtful comments’ vs. the silly cheers. I like to see the creativity AND the effort to visit. And sometimes, there really just isn’t anything meaningful to say.

    1. I agree, Care! I’ll take a silly comment or a thoughtful one. It doesn’t matter. Word verification slows me down every time. Plus I wish readers would let comments go through instantly instead of waiting for them to be approved. If I know a reader has 20 comments, I can skip their blog and go to one that has only 2. If every comment on a reader’s blog has to be approved, it makes cheerleaders think that no one has left a comment yet.

  2. I was sad that I didn’t get to much of anything for the read-a-thon. I visited a few blogs on my Google Reader and that is about it. I was too busy. That was disappointing! Hopefully next time I get a chance to do more!

    1. I’m sad if you’re sad! Next one. I really wish these were in January… April can be surprisingly busy for me, too. It’s usually the hub’s birthday weekend.

  3. I didn’t officially participate in the read-a-thon this go-round, but I was so inspired by all the posts that I did go blog-hopping and leave encouraging comments on some new-to-me blogs (though it was hard to find them, I admit, as I don’t think the RaT page had a full list?) and got through 1.75 books that day myself, which I chalk up to a huge win 🙂

    And I think getting comments in general is nice, too- there’s only so many things you can say that are creative or witty.

  4. I didn’t get a lot of cheers (although I much appreciated the ones I did!) or comments but I got a lot of traffic from the ‘thon. It would have been nice to have received comments from some of those people since I didn’t realize until later that they’d been by.

    It was my first read-a-thon and overall I thought it was great!

    1. Read-a-thons are always fun. I get something different out of all of them. I should probably look up how many I’ve participated in.

  5. I can add you to the readathon cheer blog if you want to put the cheer page up there. Just let me know…because I have to dig up the password and everything. 😀

  6. I’ll get to participate in readathon one of these times… we were at Daughter #1’s Family Weekend this time, but I’ve got high hopes for the spring event.

    1. Yippee! I always think I will do more than I do, even though the hub is used to me ‘mentioning’, “Oh bytheway, it’s readathon!”

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