Cheering on Team Trix

Hello! My name is Care.

I read books. But during Read-A-Thons?  I cheer.

and tweet. Find me in Twitter as @BkClubCare.

I will be bebopping around the internet at various times throughout the event.  Happy Reading!!

To get to the readathon site, click –> here <–.   To find out about why we honor our friend Dewey who was the original founder of the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon and community builder extraordinaire for  book blogging, I suggest you read about it on the Read-A-Thon site or you may read my short sweet tribute post –> here <– or my thank you for Weekly Geeks (12/8/08) –> here <–.


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25 thoughts on “Cheering on Team Trix

  1. I am mostly missing the read-a-thon. 😦 I have a couple mins so I am visiting a few blogs, but not like I wanted to! I was actually supposed to co-host, but my weekend got crazy.

  2. Thanks for cheering! I think I really needed all the cheering I could get this year. I had trouble settling on a third book, and even got a little grouchy at myself for that, instead of remembering that it should be How Fun are the books not How Many Have I Read! Sheesh! Silly me

    1. Not silly at all. I have not been successful when I attempt reading during the ‘thons. But I liked my strategy when I did – just not the book I selected. I tried a big chunkster so that I could EASILY track page counts, but the book annoyed the heck out of me. (Pillars of the Earth(

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