Read-A-Thon and Other Exciting Thoughts to Share

Hello Hello! It’s another TUESDAY TOPICALS post! And for those unfamiliar, these TT posts are for me to just ramble on about various and sundry topics that need to be talked about by me and hopefully need to be known to you. Or else why would I share them? In other words, I don’t want to write a book review but I want to post something. Here tis:

This weekend is the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.  Where the world over, we attempt to read as much as we can!   Block off your schedule, assign chores to somebody else and just read. Well, and cheer, and give yourself breaks from reading but overall, just concentrate on turning pages.

You can click on the button above to go to the official website which will be ONE HOPPIN’ place this weekend, I assure you.

Or here =====>   <=====

Unfortunately for me?  I am a horrible READER during RATs.  I am much more enthusiastic about cheering.  That’s what I will concentrate on.  Also, my inlaws are here and they are not reader-kind of people.  So I feel really bad (and get the evil eye from hubby) when I sit around and read while I have his side of the family for company.  Now, when my parents were here, I got 8 books read that month!   So…   not that there’s anything wrong with being or not being reader-types…   (cough)  and that is why it might seem quiet here at COBC this weekend.    Sigh…

BUT – if you have SPAM catcher on for commenting:   TURN IT OFF if you are participating!!!! or you won’t likely get much encouragement. Just sayin’.

I am putting aside CRANFORD by Mrs. Gaskell and have decided to concentrate on reading PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Geraldine Brooks. Here’s why:   Cranford is the kind of book that requires me to really pay attention and is NOT the kind of book that you can pick up, start reading and know exactly what happened the sentence before.   Cranford, being a book written in the mid-1800s, has an 18th century style of language and thus requires too much focus for my life right now. (See paragraph above about having company.) So, I decided a book-related thriller that I’ve heard much good things about would be a better fit to my mood and any small snippets of reading time available.

I really don’t like to stop reading a book but I do want to read it *someday*. I think it would be terrific for a plane ride…

I found something last week; a little jewel of happy joy that is not relevant to much else – in other words, not quite sure what to DO with this knowledge, but the thought and the thinking of this thought makes me happy.   I found a bakery – a PIE bakery!! – in the Boston area…   that…   (are you ready?!)  —  is called:


CARE’s BAKERY!   I have yet to order any pies but I will.   I am happy to give her exposure.  The website – you can click on the button or the one below, to go see her pies and cookies and other baked goods – says she ships anywhere.  Except she can’t ship the Banana Cream (sorry Softdrink).  Anyhoo. You do get why I am so thrilled, yes?

If you don’t know…  I call myself ‘Care’ and I like to bake pie. It was a kind of deja vu feeling or something! Of course, this means, I can’t use this name for my pie company if I ever had an inkling to open such. Which I really don’t.  But the hub suggests it from time to time.  I wonder if she is hiring. The commute would suck.

Anyone else with a blog having trouble with the COPY-POST function?  I can’t get it to work. When I select it, all that happens is it opens a blank NEW-POST page.   *shoulder-shrug*

What else?   I am working on reviews of JUST KIDS by Patti Smith and owe you on on Henrietta Lacks which I read in September and loved LOVED LOVED.  Which is why I cant’ seem to write a review, I suppose.   And that distracts me with the reminder that I need to do a BAND update post!   BAND = Blogger’s Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees.  But the site doesn’t seem to be updated…

HAVE A HAPPY TUESDAY, EVERYONE!   Hope to chat with and CHEER for you this weekend sometime!!


Copyright © 2007-2011. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

19 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon and Other Exciting Thoughts to Share

  1. Too bad you won’t be reading at the Readathon, but yay for cheerleaders anytime! I’ll read but I’m still wondering about signing up as a cheerleader as well.
    As for Copy-a-post: I’m using it all the time. At times, when I click on “Copy a post” on the left sidebar, it opens a blank new post, but if you scroll down you should find the list of post titles to copy from. If that is not the case, you may want to contact support.

    Note to self: Oh, right, I have to switch off comment moderation before the RAT. Don’t forget!

    1. I did see in Support that I need to have Writer’s Helper checked and so I did that but I don’t see any difference. The next sug was that I need to update my browser, but I don’t know if that could be it but then I have a Mac and so … I don’t know.

  2. Re: Copy Post: I tried it a few times when they first released the functionality, but it always just kept “trying” for like 20 minutes, at which point I’d give up. Sorry I can’t be more help. Have you ever gotten it to work?

    1. I thought it worked once and when I tried a second time – in fact AFTER I wrote a template post as my GO-TO copyable post frame, you might say, then NOTHIN’.

      I’ll keep working on it and maybe open another support issue… 😦

    1. Yes, I could look at it that way! Sure is simpler to call them and have it delivered than make one myself. But I do love to make pie…

      My mom was just craving liquorice ice cream. Do that have that where you live?

    1. I think I will start with the Cherry. Altho, the article that I found featuring this company had a photo of a pumpkin with CANDIED BACON! Might have to try that one, too or make it myself.

  3. I’m sorry you don’t get to participate in the read a thon this time around but I get it, family comes first. I loved People of the Book! I hope you like it too.

  4. Oh Care–I could just hug you. Squeeeeeeze. You and Jill (wahhhh…miss her!) are my cheering gurus. I’m out of the reading mode these days so I’ll be mostly cheering with y’all. I’d be happy to finish ONE book, but bah…who am I kidding.


    1. Oh Trish! – SQUEEEeEEEEEEeeze right back (and one for Baby? she is just so adorable.)

      I have never been able to accomplish much reading during readathons.

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