An Abundance of Katherines

Thoughts An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, SPEAK an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. 2006, 229 pages

I so wanted to love this because it has (a bit) of the maths! And it was good… just not my favorite.

Our guy is a child prodigy who desperately wants to be a genius and to ‘matter’. He is even more desperate to be in love; preferably with a(ny) girl named Katherine. He is a very skilled anagrammer. In hopes of getting over a breakup with the 19th of his Katherine lovergirls, he and his best bud go on a road trip. Hijinks ensue? Click on the book cover above to get the synopsis from

I read this because I adore John Green. I was supposed to read this a few years ago; this was listed to complete a challenge in 2009 – I think it might have been the Dewey Challenge! And this year, I listed it for the SIZE category in the What’s in a Name 4 Challenge. I can finally cross it off the list. John Green now joins the very few and favored authors with the distinction of having more than three books on my done-read list.

Three Slices of Pie.

Trisha at Eclectic-Eccentric also read this book this month (great minds think alike) and since I am attempting to add the link to her post while editing onmy iPad, I don’t know if it will be clean. In the meantime, I just want to drop in the long code: Or, click on this?…
Or, what abt clicking on this?
Well. DOES this WORK?!?! Will keep tweaking or run upstrs to the laptop..


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16 thoughts on “An Abundance of Katherines

  1. John Green is one of few authors I have read multiple books by, too. I have actually read all of his books at this point. I think I read him for the first time for the Dewey Reading Challenge, actually

    1. But I don’t count many series authors in my multiple-read faves. For example, Tom Clancy and Janet Evanovich. WOrlds away from my bloggy-reading choices. 😉

  2. *cracks up* I love your anagrams! Did you produce those yourself using your own brain? Very impressed if so — I am crap at anagrams, and those are excellent anagrams.

    1. Oh heck no! there are many online anagram creations sites. in fact, the ones You see here were just from the first 1000 given out of over 7500! Yikes.

  3. Sad that this one got only three slices. It’s waiting for me on my shelf. I’ve only read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which is half Green’s doing, but I really enjoyed it.

    1. Now, don’t go thinking 3 slices is bad; three slices is still good, just not great (four slices) and five slices is supposed to be over-the-top awesomeness and I think these are the most personal super-dooper for me. Three slices is still decent and enjoyable. It’s the two slice where I try to recognize merit but just didn’t hit me right. Altho, this implies I probably need to give more one-slicers but I hate to be mean. (sigh…)

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