Happy Simon Van Booy Day

Today is Simon Van Booy Day!  At least in Middleboro, Massachusetts, where I am meeting with my book club to discuss Everything Beautiful Began After.

I get to bring along my mother.    I made her read Everything Beautiful Began After as soon as she got off the plane from Kansas.

But what will be so thrilling (and obnoxious), is that I will be able to show off and say I met Simon Van Booy last week.   He was kicking off the Author Talk Series at the Boston Public Library.  I coerced Nancy the BookFool to go with me as we braved the wet rainy streets and highways to drive into Boston to meet with him and hear his talk.

We had a blast!

Here are a few pics:

Photo credit for first two pics goes to Nancy.  I snapped the last one.

Happy BBAW and Happy Simon Van Booy Day!


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27 thoughts on “Happy Simon Van Booy Day

    1. OK, most liked it and loved that it was more ‘different’ than standard typical book-club-books (I think.) One member barely got into it; couldn’t get into the characters so she never finished. Another said the prose was lovely but she, too, couldn’t care about the characters – she did finish, was not sure how to rate it, and also enjoyed how she figured out the beginning as soon as the book ended (I am assuming this but I think this is what she meant…) Some had problems with the ebook version and that it was tiny and unchangeable – not sure what to do when this happens but I would be UPSET. And, one member had some great “WHat did this __ mean?!” and “What about ___?” questions that made for good discussion.

      Oh, I can definitely be obnoxious.

    1. Book club is always fun. Nancy is always up for adventure – I do think we will have to travel again and invite more to fun mini-book-blogger get-aways. (not mini-book-bloggers but mini-adventures FOR book-bloggers.)

    1. It was a great fun day. Even if it was raining and we had a few snafus on the drive in. Nothing serious… We were able to book out of Boston so fast and easy, that I will HAVE to try again (is it obvious to mention that I really don’t like to drive at night in big cities?!)

    1. I would try his short stories and see what you think. He has style and beautiful gorgeous almost-philosophical prose like poetry that I can understand when someone doesn’t ‘get it’ and I was rather surprised how much I did! Does that make any sense?

    1. Guess what we picked for next month! One Day by David Nichols and perhaps it will be available to watch on payperview or rent or something by the time we meet. I really don’t know – is it still in the theatres? Have you read it?

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