Eyes Like Stars

Thoughts   Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev, Square Fish / Macmillan 2009, made it to 58 of 356 pages.

WHY I CHOSE THIS:    I was a YA Judge for Book Blogger Appreciation Week one year and I adored the enthusiasm in the reviews of this book that I happened to read. And I love the blue stripe in the hair on the cover. Yes, I was captured by a pretty cover. Sometimes it happens.

WHAT I LOVED:   The dedication:  “For my mother, who left a half-crimped pie crust on the kitchen counter to take me to my first audition.”   (Pie!  *smiles*)

WHAT I didn’t LOVE:   I couldn’t get past the slightly petulant obnoxiousness of the protagonist.   ooops.   Please don’t send me YA-HATE bombs.   I do like YA.  BUT.   This book is not a good match for my sensibilities, sorry.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:    Fantasy?  about a 17 yo girl who lives in a theatre trapped with characters from famous plays.  I do think I was attracted by the unique style and creativity of the narrative.  She is the only one who lives there who is ‘human’, or at least has the ability to leave the theater. Don’t let me tell you any more; please search out some nicer truer real reviews rather than this ‘reaction’. Thank you.  Here’s the link to Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search for this title.  Have fun.

I have offered this to my niece who is under 20 years old.    If she doesn’t want it, I will add it to BookMooch.com.

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21 thoughts on “Eyes Like Stars

  1. This sounds like a fun premise…depending on which drama characters are in that theatre. 🙂 The cast of Rocky Horror would be fun; Hamlet would be a bit depressing; etc.

  2. Another by-the-dedication book judger here! I went all soft-hearted and affectionate at the book I am reading now because it turned out to be dedicated to someone I love, love, love.

  3. Kudos to you for putting it down when it was clear it didn’t work for you. Even with those we almost always agree with, there are bound so be some books that just don’t work for us that they love.

    1. I try not ever to bemoan reading books that just don’t do it for me, because some books should be experienced despite a like or not reaction. Not sure this is that kind of book.

  4. I think one of the reasons I can only read so much YA at a time is because I also get really annoyed with the petulant obnoxiousness. That’s one of the reasons Ron Weasley went from being one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter books to one that really bothered me. I can only take so much!

  5. Oh, yeah, I get you on the petulant obnoxious bit. I’m the same as Aarti — a few in a row and I have to take a break. I did actually enjoy Eyes Like Stars, but it took me a long time to get into it. And, then I felt like maybe I needed to reread it, someday (but not immediately). It’s a very unusual book.

  6. Oh, I probably would have been sucked in by the cover too! I would love to be able to rock a hairstyle like that. Sadly, the only time I came close to a haircut like that, I just looked like a lightbulb. Maybe I just wasn’t petulant and obnoxious enough to pull it off? Yeah…that was probably it. 🙂

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