I’m Joining the BAND

The Blogger’s Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees

or BAND for short…

What is one of your favorite types of nonfiction to read? OR What is one of your favorite nonfiction topics to read about?

I haven’t really thought about what types of nonfiction I like to read…    I like memoirs sometimes, biography often but not often enough, easy-to-understand science-y stuff, narrative nonfiction and …   um, I guess I need to check the definitive list.   [One second, please while I look again at my Sophisticated Dorky friend Kim’s post that explains the BAND.]

travelogues – though I show little evidence, and even some self-help.   Even that self-help category is broad!   I own books to inspire creativity, how to write a letter, keep a journal, reference texts and quote books, etc.   And cookbooks!    Cookbooks are self-help, right?

I have a few essay books on my tbr. I love most anything penned by Tracy Kidder. I like books on feminism and want to explore further the topic of women and technology.



13 thoughts on “I’m Joining the BAND

  1. I’m a relatively new recruit when it comes to non-fiction, however, this year I’ve read several history books and biographies that I never would have made it through even a couple of years ago.

  2. Heh so so glad you are joining! Also, love your answer! I haven’t written mine yet because… well… I don’t even know how to define the nonfiction that I love!!

  3. It has taken ages but I finally almost prefer non-fiction to fiction. It’s that whole fascination with real people’s lives, not plotted stories, but rather stories that evolve and are peeled back like onion layers to reveal truths and amazement.

    I gotta read Tracy Kidder, though. I haven’t. Ah, so much to read. working on Mary Carr’s LIT right now.

  4. I really read a lot more nonfiction than I used to be it memoirs (lots of cooking and travel), some bio, and lots of kind of fact based non-fiction for lack of a better definition that help me learn more about a particular topic.

  5. I love nonfiction…if it’s good! I don’t think I have any particular brand of nonfiction that I like, but generally speaking, I like learning interesting things that I didn’t know before…am I being vague enough? LOL. I guess you could say I like behind-the-scenes type stuff. Yes, I knew that people grow giant pumpkins, but I never knew what all went into it (Backyard Giants by Susan Warren). Yes, I knew Chicago had hosted a World’s Fair (OK, honestly, I probably didn’t know that), but I didn’t know that a serial killer was lurking in its midst (Devil in the White City by Erik Larson). Yes, I knew cholera used to be a big problem, but I didn’t know how anyone figured out how it spread or how to stop it from spreading (The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson); and, yes, I knew that gangs are a problem, but I didn’t really understand why they are so hard to disband (Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh).

    Also, what Oh said. 🙂

  6. It looks like your interests in nonfiction are diverse — I think it’s better that way! I love that nonfiction offers such diversity. You could literally dive into almost anything! I too am looking to read a bit more about feminism and the area of women and technology is definitely interesting to me! And inspiration books are great. Everyone can use a little inspiration every now and then, right?

  7. Mm, cookbooks – I had a roommate who had a bookshelf full of cookbooks. I’m not sure that she used them much at the time, but they were fun to look at – so much possibility there.

    Still haven’t read anything by Tracy Kidder yet. I’ll get on that at some point.

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