Europa Editions Challenge

I own but have not read two books published by Europa Editions.   What the heck, let’s join another challenge!

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I have Elena Ferrante’s The Days of Abandonment.     At 188 pages, this will be my first to read.


Michelle Zackheim’s Broken Colors.    I picked this one up at BEA 2010 because I liked the cover.

Have you read these or anything by Europa?


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15 thoughts on “Europa Editions Challenge

  1. You’re joining?? Awesome! Do you have an invitation yet? Email europachallenge at and I’ll get you fixed up! Yay!!!

    1. Thanks Marie, but I think I will just sit on the sidelines for my participation this time. I just finished tDoA and whoa was it a gut punch! and I think I might as well dive right into Broken Colors. I LOVE the paper of Europa Eds and the flap thing.

  2. The beginning of your post made me laugh! I joined this challenge too, despite the fact that I have been sucking when it comes to challenges! My favorite Europa book so far is The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

    1. Lola, funnyEnough, I’m really not sure I want to read Hedgehog. but I love the style/feel of Europa books. Haven’t read enough to say I like the books!

    1. *gasp* Nancy hasn’t heard of Europa?? Get thee to a bookstore!!

      I’m not doing the challenge, but I did read a Europa this week…The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine. It was most excellent.

      1. GASP! is right!! (altho, I wouldn’t know about them right off if it hadn’t been for YOU steering me to their booth last year!)

  3. Care – do you typically go to BEA? I saw your note about picking up one of these selections at BEA 2010! lucky lucky you. I would like to attend that event – every year would be nice (hahahaha) but interested in hearing about your experience(s) there…

    1. Oh, I attended the first Book Bloggers Conference in 2010 and arrived early enough to catch a few booths at BEA. I live an easy train ride away from NYC and it’s a shame I don’t get there more often.

  4. I should join this challenge for the same reason: own a few Europa Editions but haven’t read them yet. Happy reading and good luck.

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