Still Missing

Thoughts    Still Missing by Chevy Stevens, eBook St. Martin’s Press; 1 edition (July 6, 2010), 352 pages

In three words:   uncomfortable, unsettling, tense

FIRST SENTENCE: “You know, Doc, you’re not the first shrink I’ve seen since I got back.”

WHY I read this:     Chosen for July’s BOOKIES Book Club Selection.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:   A Realtor is abducted while closing up an Open House on a beautiful day.    She tries to put her life back to some kind of normal when it can never be ‘normal’ again.   She is obsessed with finding answers to the questions that haunt her and has a difficult time knowing how to trust anyone ever again.    The answers she does find are shocking and upsetting and heart-breaking.

WHAT’s GOOD/NOT so GOOD:    I appreciated the set up of hearing Annie’s thoughts by way of what she tells her therapist.   We rarely have any feedback from the therapist except through what Annie tells her.   The unfolding of her experience in both the past and how she handles the present is extremely unsettling and heart-wrenching.    I was on edge through the whole book and pay kudos to the author in setting a consistent tone and sympathy without being melodramatic.   But I did not ‘enjoy’ the reading of this and am hesitant to rate it more than the obligatory 3 star rating which means ‘Yep, I read it and it was OK – for me.’

FINAL THOUGHTS:  It is a fast-read and is hard to put down, so I can recommend this to people who like thrillers of this nature.

RATING:   Three slices of pie.   Key Lime Pie, maybe? because I am not a fan of Key Lime Pie.   Too tart. 

I recommend the following REVIEWS:   Lenore HIGHLY recommends this, I agree with Rhapsody In Books, Michelle at  That’s What She Read calls it an amazing debut, S.Krisha’s Books gives it 4 out of 5 in a concise review, and Staci at Life in the Thumb recommends this AND Stevens’ latest Never Knowing “She did it again!!”


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21 thoughts on “Still Missing

  1. I love tart citrusy pies. Key Lime is one of my favorite but I never actually use real Key limes, they have a sort of bitter taste that I don’t like. I like them better with regular limes. Lemons work well too.

    If it wasn’t so darn hot here in Texas I’d bake a pie today. Going to be 100 forever, le sigh.

  2. Another blogger was kind enough to send this one to me when I expressed an interest in reading it. Thrillers are really not my thing, but I like a good one in between the heavier stuff. Clears my mind, makes room for new ideas, etc. I might try to fit this one in before summer ends.

        1. At first, I thought you were telling me it sounded PREACHY. huh? ok, nevermind…
          Yea, give it a few months – many people DID like this one very much.

  3. Except for the abduction being disgusting and creepy, the book itself isn’t really a thriller, in my opinion. I skipped to the end to see what it was all about, but found the story itself boring, maybe because the woman was traumatized and still frozen in shock, I don’t know. Try THE LIAR’S DIARY by Patry Francis instead!

    1. I don’t read many ‘thrillers’ and it seems I don’t like many that I read – perhaps I have a miscategorization for my expectations.

      So you are a Skipper-To-The-End, are you? Have you met Jenny? ( 🙂

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