The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Part 1 (the iPad version)

OK, I will attempt to compose this on my iPad… Which means words mightruntogether, I won’t be posting pics, typos+mispellings galore and other mishaps that at this point I can’t foresee. deal. (Sure there is a WP app but it got screwed up on theloadand I have yet to address.) I will fix on Tuesday or sometime…

Thoughts (imagine cover of book here) The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami,

Vintage Books/Random House 1998 (orig 1997), translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin, 607 pages

This first part is for my Twitter friends who have been holding their breath waiting for me to post this — You can let out that breath now! You know the story already; you’ve already read it and some of you multiples times* and at least one of you has been reading this WITH me on the other side of the world… Which is cool.

I am not sure what I think about this novel! I am not sure I am a fan. I certainly was intrigued and curious how these odd story lines would meet and what it would all mean. But. I don’t think many of my questions were answered.

That said, I am not opposed to reading something else by this imaginative and popular author. I own Norwegian Wood, so I will give that a go next.

(pie image)


This review interrupted here because on the iPad, once I save a draft, I can’t roll the page down to get to the space to type more information!   I added this later…  I was on the boat and my WP app wasn’t working.    Will continue and improve in Part 2.   Thank you.



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