Pie Day July 5, 2011

Before oven; showing the lovely lattice work.

It’s a Facebook Pie Day!   I suppose from a pie purist perspective that I am a cheater.   I use the refrigerated roll up pie crust – store brand (since cheaper and very likely that Pi||$bury makes it anyway) – and it is just quick and tasty and easy.   For me, it is all about what goes IN the pie.    I woke up thinking it would be a blueberry mango but come to find out, no mangos in the freezer.   So Triple Berry it is: Blueberry, Raspberry and a few Strawberries.    If I had known that I would have been cancelled from work today, I would have gone out to buy the ingredients to make a gluten-free crust for my friend.   I will someday, I promise.

I latticed the top crust for flair.

Juicy Triple Berry Lattice Pie

Unfortunately for my pie tasters AND my coffee preferences, I didn’t have any half-n-half nor milk in the house so I had to egg wash the top.  Plus my brown sugar sprinkles.   I also failed to hit the START button the timer so when I checked on how many minutes remaining of baking time, I saw that 45 minutes waiting and NOT counting down!  Uh OH.

Fortunately, my instincts proved in good working order and I didn’t burn the thing.    I did cover the edges and gave it a few minutes more.

VERY juicy, huh?    I will need to go buy some vanilla ice cream before I serve it tonight.

Happy Pie Day!  

See also:  the Gluten Free Girl blog post announcement…   Follow #pieday hashtag in Twitter.


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24 thoughts on “Pie Day July 5, 2011

  1. Your pie looks so good it makes me want to make one, too. Especially since you give me permission to make it all about the filling, which I think is a lovely philosophical position.

    1. Jill, we got a fresh batch of vanilla. We’ll be serving at 9:30 for bedtime snack, I think. That would be 6:30 your time, so dessert right after dinner, huh? You are most welcome. I hope you’ve already started the flight here…

    1. JoAnn, really? They aren’t that hard… I’ll have to see if there is a how-to video on youtube. It’s harder to cut the straight strips than to lay the criss-cross’es, really! Besides, if it goofs up, it will still taste awesome.

    1. Most any fruit pie recipe will have the basics – flour sugar cinnamon – to coat the fruit for about 15 minutes while you assemble the crust in the pan. I actually keep a dry-pie-ingredient batch ready and don’t even measure it when I toss the fruit. I didn’t follow any recipe nor measure a thing with this one – since I used the purchased roll-up dough…

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