Tuesday Topicals June 28, 2011

It’s Tuesday.  Again.   Already.    Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that it is Tuesday?!    

I really wanted to write and post a review of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle for you just to prove that I have read a book recently.    This one took me awhile to complete.    Maybe I can post something tomorrow.

In other news…

Today is Stephanie’s Birthday!   The Stephanie of Stephanie’s Written Word.   Yep, THAT Stephanie.     You can tweet good wishes to her by clicking on her Tweet name:  @SWrittenWord.

NEXT Tuesday is another PIE DAY and I hope to take part.   Here’s the link to a Seattle Weekly article  that my friend Jimmi sent me.    The Pie Party Facebook Page is here.    Do it!  Make a pie!    Buying a crust is NOT cheating!   in fact, I prefer the rollup kind, myself…   For me, pie is about the insides.   I’m hoping to make a lemon meringue or invent a carrot cake – cream cheese frosting adaption of some sort.

I’ve been Tumblr-ing. Do not ask me WHY. Do not. I can’t answer. I have been posting there often. Yesterday, I posted photos of my dog with a card I received from Ms. Softdrink.  Yep, the Jill of FizzyThoughts fame. She sent me a cute cartoon of James Joyce.   Aint she sweet!!??!  THANKS JILL!  Here’s the quote inside:

“I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today.  I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.”

Say what?!

Also yesterday, a friend and I were chatting about blogs, etc and she mentioned that her cousin is now TUMBLING and I thought, “Huh, she’s now really into gymnastics!?!?”  and then I realized what an idiot I am.  oh.  TUMBLR- ing. I really think this social media stuff is GETTING. OUT. OF. HAND.

You may click over to my BkClubCare posting/ramblings at Tumblr or save any wrist flexibility strain by just looking at this photo of Esther:

The Happy Faces of Esther and James

Happy Tuesday!    Are you doing anything fun and/or unusual this Tuesday?   DO TELL.    Will you make a pie with me next Tuesday?   Please do.


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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Topicals June 28, 2011

  1. My favorite new quote: “pie is about the insides” Yes, yes, yes, I love this quote. 😀

    And heck, I seriously may join you next Tuesday. Yep, sounds like a mighty fine idea to me.

  2. I love your posts so much. 😀

    I also look forward to the day when I can eat pie again. Specifically I’d love to eat a strawberry pie. In the meantime, though, I’ll stick with plain strawberries because I think pie might be bad for what I’m trying to do right now. 😀

    1. Amanda! you lovemy posts? I feel like Sally Fields. (that is her name,right? Hmm)

      You are inspiring in your dedication and resolve. I could try to tell you that you are OK to have a sugar-free blahblahblah pie, but I won’t be one of those. You keep at it and revel in your success and someday, a piece of pie will be the right choice and it will be GOOD.

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