I Hereby (Wonder If I Should) Commit Myself… part 2

I read somewhere that Reading Challenges are so….   last year.  HUH!?  And then I realized that lately, I haven’t even thought about the challenges I have signed up.   Uh oh.

Except for this one:  

That’s right!  It’s JUNE and Maree of Just Add Books and I are reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and most likely tweeting about it to the boredom and exasperation of all.

Maree’s first tweet after she –aka @justaddbooks — got the book in hand made me laugh:

There is a cat.  And it is missing.

I’m almost sure that THAT really is the theme of this interesting novel.    I know nothing, I don’t want to know anything and I’m enjoying it immensely so for.    (If I can just stay away from Twitter so I can get in more reading time .)

If you want to read along with us, we are not an exclusive little club and invite any and all to read and tweet with us!

The hashtags are #windupbird, #murakami.   and Nat  — aka @inspringthedawn — will be featured in many of the twitterings, as she is host of the Murakami Challenge.

OH!   And in America, today is still Maree’s birthday!!   (June 12)   

As for those other challenges, I think I will dust off that page and see what books I need to move up the list so I am sure to read this year while I am still not stressing out about how many days are left in the year…



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19 thoughts on “I Hereby (Wonder If I Should) Commit Myself… part 2

    1. Kathy, I opened my page of challenges and my reaction was so startled by all the books I know I want to read but totally forgot about! Makes me think I might have to not do any next year and just let my reading choices present themselves when the time is right.

    1. Vasilly, I think you would like this. It is odd but not really, which just goes to show how very odd it must be! Does that make any sense?

  1. I almost never participate in challenges just because I joined them in the past and experienced epic failure most of the time! Glad you are doing well with yours!

    1. Kathleen, I guess the challenge is just committing to the challenge! I do like the idea of challenges – they are especially fun to make book lists for.

  2. I’m terrible at readalongs … and Twittering so I’ll probably pass. But my brother accused me of stealing one of his Murakami books, which I didn’t. That doesn’t really relate other than to defend myself.

    I limited myself to just a few challenges this year so I don’t get resentful and overwhelmed with them like I have in the past.

    Love that tweet.

    1. Thanks Jenners, I did a pretty good job with challenges last year, not yet sure how this year will end up.

      Maree is VERY perceptive. And occasionally witty.

  3. I’m doing terrible on reading challenges this year too. But I love that you’re reading Wind-up Bird Chronicle for the Murakami Challenge. Yay! And I love Maree’s tweet. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think as you get further into the book. 🙂

  4. Hmm, I thought everyone was still doing challenges except me. I’m so not into them, although I do love the RIP. I only got partway through The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, a few years back, but I must have had several books going and it was the one I let go. I remember I enjoyed what I read.

  5. finishing a book in the midst of family life (includes dogs, social responsibilities, etc) is a “challenge!” therefore you are accomplished at time and time again, right? Hope to hear your thoughts on Murakami. I have started two of his; finished neither but NOT for lack of liking the writing!

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