Tuesday Topicals • June 7 • 2011


topical • adjective • let’s stick to topical issues: current, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, contemporary, recent, relevant; newsworthy, in the news. ANTONYMS out-of-date.

This is AUDIOWEEK, if you like or want to know more about that.  Just click here on the button to go to Devourer of Books Blog to learn more and participate:

I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY for an audio book in my next post.  If you are a fan of Neil Gaiman, I suggest you keep on eye on this piece of the interblogswebland.


I also promised y’all a chance to help me pick the book/s I will suggest for my next bookclub read.     You still want to vote and help me, right?!??

The big news in my life?   Why yes, I *do* have big news!

I start a job today as an Elder Care Companion, for just a few hours per week and I’ve very excited about it.     The location is only a 4 minute walk!   And the wonderful person I get to hang out with is a sweetie.


Question:  Do you like baseball?    we are hosting a Summer Intern for the Cape Cod Baseball League/Wareham Gatemen and she is a delight!  and a reader!   She’s been helping me organize my new bookshelf (gotta have  a photo, right?)  -or- she is indulging me as I hand her books and say, “You MUST read this one.”   etc and then some…

* This is actually my first Tuesday Topical…

QUESTION 2:  In honor of my friend Trish, do you think the word NEUROTIC can be a good thing?

and finally, totally unrelated to everything but connected to it all, you only have two shopping days.  Possibly, still time to put a card in the mail.



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16 thoughts on “Tuesday Topicals • June 7 • 2011

  1. Congrats on the job! Sounds like it’ll be a blast.

    I think neurotic can be good and bad. Though maybe neurotic wasn’t the word I was looking for? 😉

  2. Congrats on the job!

    I think there are good and bad neuroses. Like . . . perfectionism is not a bad thing. It can mean a person has an orderly life, which just makes the fun times more enjoyable. I had perfectionist parents and grew up one, myself. Then, of course, I moved in with Mr. Chaos and had to learn to live with explosive messes or give up all my time cleaning up after him. I rather prefer order, but I made a choice.

  3. Jimmi

    We are reading Neverwhere for bookclub next Monday. I’m actually listening to it. And I love it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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