Ulysses and John Adams

You might think by the title that I am going to try and connect the story of Ulysses with one of the best presidents the US has ever had the honor to put to work but I am not.  I’m not that smart.

No, this title is only because I am combining mini-DNF reviews in one post.    [Sorry to disappoint.; this is just a housekeeping post, mostly.]

I was just entering a reading slump or perhaps Ulysses spurred it on but I was trying to hard to read just to click off many books and I truly think this kills reading enjoyment and motivation.   Every year, I set a high book count as a goal for the twelve months and mid-way, I falter.   This time the motivation was dead in February.  YIKES!

  I was reading the free eBook.

I really did want to read Ulysses and even though Fizzy and the gang of ReadAlongers were inspirational and so helpful in explaining the setup and symbols and related cultural references and the oddities that are Joycean, I couldn’t keep up.    Falter, indeed.

That’s all I’ll say about Ulysses.  Nope, that’s a lie.  As soon as I typed those words, all sorts of odd thoughts pushed to consciousness and demanded to be heard.  OK, maybe just one.   The others seem to have dissipated as I continue to type this tripe.  (wow, my dictionary doesn’t have tripe!?)     Anyway, that thought was:   I can see why people have jump in and make Ulysses and/or Joyce a fulltime job!   It’s so FULL.

and then we come to John Adams.   

I had checked out the audio of David McCullough’s bio and loved it.    Wow – what a guy!  I was inspired by his patriotism.  But it was only part 1 and the library doesn’t have part 2 (I know, right?  HUH.)   Or hasn’t yet alerted me that I can check it out via ILL.  Whatever.

He’s not going anywhere.   I want to buy the book and maybe read the second half.   And get the audio.    AND THEN see the movie!

And that is all.   Thank you.


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11 thoughts on “Ulysses and John Adams

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  2. oh boy, you made me feel better, do a silen “hurrah!” here. Because I set those booklist goals and get into reading for reading’s sake and not for love of the particular book or writing and then, plop, I fall off. But you said it out loud, and I am thankful.
    There is so much more to this bookworld and love of books than many would realize.

    Mmmm. Ulysses. My husband is a Joyce scholar. I am not. I have tried the softcover version, the hardcover volume (voluminous) and he has the unabrdiged version on 40 CDs (!) I’ve tried that. I cannot listen to Joyce and embrace all of it AND drive at the same time. I will, one of these days, get at least to Molly’s part of the book.

    In short (tho’ I’ve gone long here), this post was wonderful. Hope you get the next part of the Adams book. Which I’ve also seen around the house. And may pick it up one of these days?!!!

    1. Oh OH! I, too, want to at least get to the Molly part! Wow, your husband is a Joyce scholar. Well, whaddya know?

      I’m so far off my year target of book count, I’m embarrassed to say I have a book blog. sigh…

    1. I know it’s just a typo transition-error-typo but I kind of like how you spell ATTempt. Can I use attmept? It fits in a way, ya know? call my carzy.


  3. Trust me, you were smart to quit on Ulysses.

    And I quit on John Adams. I still plan to read it, too…someday. But it wasn’t the best timing for a readalong. I didn’t even make it through the first chapter.

  4. I don’t want to attempt Ulysses. I feel like I would just be doing it to prove a point (to whom? I don’t know!), and then that’s not a good reason to read a book! Because secretly I sort of hate James Joyce, for no good reason, the not-good reason being that his grandson is batsh*t crazy and refuses to let any Joyce scholars write what they want to write or have access to the Joyce papers.

    1. Isn’t the century mark due to expire the copyright holdings? I heard notice that a famous songwriter was just granted permission to use some Joyce in a song lyric but cannot remember WHO! oh well.

  5. I don’t have much interest in Ulysses, but I am interested in John Adams. I scored a copy of that bio last winter. I also want to watch the miniseries with Paul Giamatti.

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