Staying at Daisy’s

Thoughts    Staying at Daisy’s by Jill Mansell, ARC SourcebooksLandmark 2010 (orig 2002), 501 pages

A gift from Nancy the Book Fool.  THANKS!!

A predictable lovely romp.    British, so it is chock full of groovy Britisms.    Typical story line of good girl rejecting love because she’s been hurt before and but of course, the gorgeous awesome guy who keeps popping by just HAS to be a jerk so don’t waste the time falling for him.  But, of course, she does and it’s a fun story all the same.

Hijinks and escapades; everything gets wrapped up happily.  And it also has a minor dog character – any dog lover would appreciate this book, too.

RECOMMENDED – good chicklit, travel book, beach read.


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14 thoughts on “Staying at Daisy’s

  1. I have an occasional soft spot for British chick lit. I don’t know why I enjoy it when it’s British and can’t be bothered when it’s American — something to do with British slang being funny. :p

    1. I can’t say I’ve read enough chicklit from either place (and should possibly attempt some from down under and elsewhere? Canada even?!) to have an opinion. But I love the British slang.

  2. I’m not typically a fan of chick lit, but British chick lit sounds like something I could get behind. Everything is better with an accent. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome! I’m so glad you liked Jill Mansell! I used to read masses of chick lit and found that I don’t like American chick lit (it used to be all “single girl in the Big City” – don’t know what it’s like, now, since I gave up on it long ago) or Irish chick lit (which usually had three different storylines that ended up somehow connecting in the end) but I adore British chick lit (funny, creative, set anywhere – big city, small village). Mansell is the most consistently enjoyable of the authors I read. I don’t read chick lit much, anymore, but I’ll never pass up one of her books.

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