Armchair BEA

[updated… TODAY IS ALSO Day 1 of Citizen Reader’s Book Menage. We will be discussing The Birth of Love by Joanna Kavenna and Sherwin B Nuland’s The Doctor’s Plague.]

Having just returned from a girls trip to Charleston SC to meet a book blogging friend, I will not be traveling to NYC to attend this year’s Book Expo America and Book Blogger Convention.   I was thrilled to attend last year, the BBC’s inaugural year and I truly am thrilled that BBC continues, bigger and better.

But in the meantime, I will be staying home and thus am eligible to participate in Armchair BEA!    Today’s post prompt is to introduce myself.

I am Care, short for BkClubCare which was my attempt to shorten Book Club Care without losing its meaning.   I began this blog in 2007 solely as a way to keep my mother, aunts and cousins in touch and discussing books.   We are scattered all over the country and I thought it would be fun to try and all read the same books and have a place to share what we thought.    I didn’t think I needed a cutesy clever blog name, so ‘Care’s Online Book Club’ was born.

HOWEVER.   However, the family involvement component failed to get off the ground and this became my place to ramble on about the books I have read.  I have attempted to actually host a few online read-alongs but these, too, have not caught on and I have abandoned all hopes of being an inspired book club leader.    Sigh…

A photo ‘borrowed’ from Book Journey of us last year in NYC:     Kim, Sheila and me.

I read most anything and everything. I love to explore genres and new authors – debuting or dead. I tend to more cerebral contemporary literature, but love historical fiction, light womens’ fiction, and nonfiction.   Before book blogging, I rarely read new releases and I’m already amazed how many books published in 2011 I’ve read so far this year.  Before book blogging, I couldn’t tell you my favorite authors because I rarely read more than one book by anyone!   Now I can list off Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Virginia Woolf, Ian McEwen, Sarah Allen Addison, David McCullough, Sarah Waters, Tracy Kidder, Daphne Du Maurier, Anna Quindlan, John Green, Jennie Nash, etc.

I rarely accept ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) so please don’t ask.

I try to avoid series books.

I buy cookbooks for my husband.

I love dogs.  

I am buying a boat to sail the ocean blue.

I like pie.   Purple is my favorite color.   I collect lobster things.

I love to read and chat about books and thus, I am a book blogger.   (Read this for more.)



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35 thoughts on “Armchair BEA

  1. I’ll be hopefully going to Charleston next week! After visiting Myrtle Beach. I hope I can make it to SIBA this year, to make up for having to miss BEA. I hope you have a lot of fun this week!

    1. Aths! You’ll love Charleston! It’s such a pretty place. I’ve not been to MyrtleBeach, but it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful trip.

  2. That is a fabulous photo of you in the courtyard, if I do say so myself. 😉

    I wondered if you were going to go to BEA — can’t remember if we talked about it. Now that I’ve met you and Amy, I feel better about the idea of meeting up with other bloggers. Maybe in 2012. Happy Monday, oh lobster-obsessed friend!

    1. Yep, the photographer really knew how to take a photo! 🙂

      We should totally plan to do BEA next year! Or… let’s plan another cool trip to somewhere else. Hmmmm. Will have to think. Gots some time, so let’s do that. Think, I mean.

      1. Haha, thanks! You’d die if you saw my photos. So many of them suck dinosaur eggs! I snapped wildly and paid little attention to settings. I still need to send you the point-and-shoot photos you took. The statue of the fellow with the leaf on his woohoo is hilarious.

        A handful of my other blogger friends have been talking about a get-together in 2012 and of the places mentioned, thus far, Vancouver is my fave. What thinkest thou of Vancouver? There would be many scenic places to pose a stuffed lobster, of course! If not there, gosh. I’ll go just about anywhere. I’ve got the serious travel bug. I will happily think.

  3. Glad to have found your blog. One of my favorite colors is purple. I don’t like boats. But I do love pie! Nice to find your blog and add it to my rss feed. Hope to stay connected. Enjoy the Armchair BEA.

  4. I love the reason why you started your blog. My daughter and mom guest post on my blog sometimes. While they are avid readers too, they just have not caught the book blogging bug!

    1. Hi Meg. Thanks for visiting and asking a question. Yes, I don’t like series books because I already have too many books to read! it bothers me to lock in my time committed to a story line or set of characters. OF COURSE and HOWEVER, there are always exceptions. I hope to get to the Hunger Games and the Patrick Ness stuff someday.
      I am notorious for reading the first book in a series and never getting to the second for YEARS… Too many want-to-read books already vying for my NEXT spot, ya know?

  5. Such cute pictures of you!

    Isn’t it funny how book blogging has changed our reading habits? I for one wouldn’t have picked up YAs or Sci/Fantasy books before book blogging. Now, I enjoy checking out those genres every once in a while.

    1. Iliana! Thanks. 🙂 and yes, so many new and different books in my awareness than the ‘old days’ when I wondered what book I should read next. I still wonder but now I have too many choices, back then, I had to go hunt for something.

    1. Thank you and good luck to you and your career! No thanks on the book – I have too many right now and this is one reason I chose not to go to BEA. I don’t need any more books right now. Sounds horrible to say for a book blogger, but I must read the ones I currently have.

    1. Thanks Jeanne. Isn’t it great that you can click on MyComments from your wp dashboard and find my reply? One of my fave things about wp.

    1. Esme, go paint that living room purple! Actually, I don’t care for lobster rolls that much. I think living in NewEngland has paled the experience from special to mundane.

      I would love to go with you to NYC! You would make the best tour guide, especially for pastries.

  6. Care, I so hope you will be coming to New York next year! Kim said you were lovely and totally took care of her at BEA last year. 😛 Also, hi! 🙂

  7. Well I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but it is nice to finally “meet” you. I hope to attend BEA next year. I said that last year about this year but my work/travel schedule is usually dicey this time of year so hard for me to do it. Sigh, for now I will live vicariously through those that attend and also through the Armchair BEA!

    1. Kathleen – I think you always learn something new about people even if you think you *know* them, yes?
      I’m thinking BEA next year, too. I just live so close and I love meeting people.

  8. Hooray for Care! Hooray for Book Club Care! Hooray for pie! Ooops, I forgot the hip, hip, hip. Sorry…got CARE-ied away, I guess…

  9. Ok, so I’ve known you on twitter more than I’ve known you through your blog, so it’s fun to know how you got your name. I always just assumed you had an online book club. 😉 My family and friends could give two…about my book blog so it’s all about you guys as well.

    Jeal of your trip with Bookfool. Bet you guys had a riot.

    1. It is interesting how we can have different connections/friendships via various social media outlets and yet the connecting thread is being book bloggers. (I get it.)

      1. Oh, and I *have* tried to host a book club meeting here but few if any read the books I was suggesting each month. Sadly, couldn’t get it to work! I let others more talented than I do such and don’t think it matters if I my blog name is a tad inaccurate.

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