1 Book 2 Book 3 Book Girls Trip!

I thought I would borrow the meme from Karen’s Books and Chocolate and also show off some pics I took from my girls-trip to Charleston South Carolina. Sound like a plan?

First, the meme:  One Book, Two Book, Three Book Meme!

1.  The Book I Am Currently Reading

 Jill Mansell’s Staying at Daisy’s 

2.  The Last Book I Finished 

 The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure

3.  The Next Book I Want to Read

I think I will try to finish my DH Lawrence story The Trespasser or   The Book of Awful by Romi Moondi, I’m reading both off and on, here and there.   Must commit!

4.  The Last Book(s) I Bought

 Gail Collins’ When Everything Changed and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for the Murakami Challenge.   I am reading this in June with Maree of Just Add Books.

5.  The Last Book I Was Given

 Radio Shangri La by Lisa Napoli, a gift from my GIRLS-TRIP-GIRL Nancy!   Read on.

My dogs treated me to a Girls Trip for my Mother’s Day present.   They’re so thoughtful.   Usually Mother’s Day is when I plant lots of flowers in my yard and all the neighborhood kids come over to ‘help’ me – because they have been kicked out of their own houses to give their real mothers a break.   I was spared that this year.

Instead, I took off for Charleston South Carolina to meet my book blogging friend Nancy!    She was so wonderful to invite me.   We had a wonderful time.    Charleston is so beautiful and clean and walkable.   Lots to do, amazing homes with flowers blooming and interesting decorative wrought iron gates.    I only snapped 200 photos; Nancy took a few more.

Nancy also brought me books!    The Jill Mansell I’m currently enjoying and the Napoli one shown above.  Was there another one?! Uh oh, I’ve already forgotten. eek. We have been swapping books for years now – I’ll get her back somehow, someday.

You can visit Nancy’s blog to see a few more photos.  She tried to hide it at the end of a review of kid’s book.  🙂


Jasmine Inn


From our photo tour.
Water Street
I want a joggling board.
One of my faves, from the porch of our Inn
The BookFool and Care


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23 thoughts on “1 Book 2 Book 3 Book Girls Trip!

    1. We did. I wish I had realized that you didn’t live too far away. Wouldn’t that have been awesome! We really were quiet about our plans on this for some reason. Anyway, it was a relaxing retreat of a few days in gorgeous weather. So nice.

      Have a great time at BEA and tell everyone hello. Which reminds me that I need to finally get around to looking at the Armchair BEA festivities.

  1. Charleston is sooooooo beautiful. I’d love to go back someday and spend more than just a quick day there. Looks like you had gorgeous weather, too…I see pure blue skies in those pictures.

  2. LOL on the comment that I took “a few more” photos than you did. Your architecture photos are so much better than mine. I was mostly focused on buildings, not details, during the photo tour.

    Hope you love the books (but it’s okay if you don’t). Did I tell you about the blue lights in the dueling alley?

  3. I am not sure if I have been to Charleston-I think maybe 20 years ago-okay why are you not going to BEA? I may go next year-initially last year I said I would go again in 2 years-NYC is expensive to visit and once I priced out the hotel-my initial inclination was to go to Paris instead. That also fell by the wayside.

    I am not sure if I see you reading Jill Mansell.

    1. Esme! I just didn’t think I could spare the time away again and then I decided to go to Charleston so all my fun-trip-cash has been spent. And I was afraid I would come home with too many books!

      Maybe next year; every 2 years sounds like a good plan.

      as to the Jill Mansell? You don’t think I will like it? It’s fun, easy breezy. 🙂

    1. It was great! Nancy keeps sending me photos, too, so I get to relive this week longer. Not like you see pics and then life takes over again? 🙂
      DO have a great time at BBC!! I will be eager to hear what you learn. and who you meet.

    1. Thanks Amy! You have the honor of being Nancy’s first blogger ‘meet’; I am her second. And I’ve met you so we are a full lil book blogger friend triangle. or something. 🙂

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