Club Went Wild!

Yesterday afternoon was my Book Club Meeting.   We call ourselves the Bookies.   We try to meet in restaurants with round tables so that we can all share in conversation, but my favorite spot is not the best on rainy days so we ended up at another favorite, albeit without round tables.    Here’s hoping next month, the sun is shining so we can sit outside.

If you read my last post, you already know our book selection was the Wendy McClure memoir, The Wilder Life. I think most thought it mildly enjoyable (or liked it a bit more than I did.) We didn’t take a poll, but I don’t recall anyone gushing all over it. We thought we had a perfect score of EVERYONE actually reading the entire book, but one member didn’t quite finish it.  She promised to by the next meeting.

When it came to selecting June’s title, our anointed ‘chooser’ actually suggested we read The Little House on the Prairie!  (as well as Dirty Bombshell and the latest Kristin Hannah.)    I have to admit, I am curious what my now-self would think of TLHotP, but also don’t really want to find out.

When it came time to pick for June, the book that won the vote is another memoir; this one from a local author which is quite exciting.   Clicking on the book cover (which I really like) will lead you to the page.

Dirty Bombshell:  From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!

by Lorna J. Brunelle

“…Dirty Bombshell is the poignant and brave story of a 33 year old girl who is fighting her way back to wellness. Her triumphant story sheds light on a cancer most Americans are in the dark about. This story of faith, forgiveness, strength, hope, courage, tolerance, and self-discovery will change the way you tackle hardship, leaving you with the power to survive and thrive. Dirty Bombshell will help you find your way back to FABULOUS! As an actor, singer, writer, producer, and teacher, Lorna J. Brunelle has always had a passion for the arts. …”

We are inviting the author to join our discussion and I really hope she can fit it into her schedule – this would be our first author visit to our club.   Who wouldn’t want some fabulousness, right?

I will be the anointed chooser for the following month and I currently have three fiction choices to suggest.   I’m thinking that I might let YOU, my blog readers, help me pick and then we can foist it on my club friends.  (They always forget to read my blog so I bet it will be a total surprise.)  If you would like to see a poll here, I will do that next week.  Let me know.


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15 thoughts on “Club Went Wild!

  1. I just finished Kindred by Octavia Butler and I think it would be a great book group read. I was hoping to suggested for my library’s book group but we don’t have enough copies which is disappointing. I look forward to reading about your selection.

    1. I have Kindred in my tbr (or I think I do – so many) Thanks for the suggestion.
      I understand the limitations for selecting books when it’s library sponsored and/or price. With so many of our clubbers having ereaders, we rarely bother with the cost constraint but I will have to remember to check on that when I do my poll.

  2. Hello Care,

    This book sounds like it is going to be quite a thought provoking and emotional read for you all, so there should be plenty of dicussion going on at next month’s meeting.

    It would be great if the author could come along, it’s always nice to know what was actually in their mind when they wrote the book and that contribution could prove to invaluable in your decision about which book to choose next!!

    1. Ah, one vote for the club deciding! It would be interesting to ask the author which authors/books have been influential…
      Thanks for voting.

  3. I’m a round-tabler, too! Especially with a larger group, the folks on the end get left out of conversations at a rectangular table.

    I haven’t read THE WILDER LIFE … I wonder if I’d be tempted to re-read the Little House books (or if I’d want to keep my memories intact as they are?)

  4. I love the idea of having a designated “chooser” each month. Everybody brings suggestions to our meetings and it can get a little chaotic…. think I’ll suggest your method.

    1. Usually, the person whose turn it is, brings a choice of two or more and we vote. Rarely, someone will dictate THE book we will read and I don’t mind that at all.
      I’m glad we aren’t the kind of group that sets the entire year’s list of reading but I can see the advantage of that, too. It’s fun to see how other club’s work this.

  5. I’m sure I would be a completely silent p[articipant in the book club meeting if the author of the book was there. I’m easily star struck 🙂 But it does sound like a great opportunity.

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