Thoughts    Flow:  The Cultural Story of Menstruation by Elissa Stein and Susan Kim, St Martin’s Griffin 2009, 271 pages


Thank you to KB for loaning this to me.  Thank you to The Book Lady’s Blog for first bringing this book to my attention.

*****   I wrote the following, the part between the ***** stars sometime in April, while in some kind of reading funk *****

I read a book!    A whole book, from start to finish! YIPPEE!!!    Really, I am quite thrilled and proud of myself.   My reading has truly slowed lately and I am hoping this gem of a book has spurred me back to reading more and more.


Yep, not much of a start but I have been trying to finish this post ever since.

I liked this book.  A lot.    I learned a lot.   I laughed often.   I did not take any notes.   I recommend.

Just click on The Book Lady’s Blog hyperlink above and read her post plus comments.  Then read the book.

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14 thoughts on “Flow

    1. Gee, Dawn! That was fast. I just posted this! and thank you. I am trying to write about 3 posts tonight and just have to get’em done, yaknow.

  1. How have I still not read this book? I am totally interested in cultural histories of things, and also women’s issues particularly, and I just don’t know why I haven’t been all over this. 😦

  2. I actually won a copy of this one from Rebecca a while back and am ashamed I haven’t cracked the spine yet! Sounds like a fun and light read.

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