This One

For those who are anxiously awaiting an update (or anything at all) after my last post, I hereby announce our intention to purchase this one:

I would be glad to give specifics but I expect I would only attract spammers and other innocent boat shoppers who might enter such terms in a search engine only to be very disappointed by what they find here.   I would be glad to email anyone who is beyond mildly curious.   Just let me know.

Maybe I can get back to “normal” now.    I really do want to post some reviews soon.   But I might have to get my butt out of the chair and into the job-search pool!


28 thoughts on “This One

    1. Marie, did they have it in Boston Harbor? We hope to explore all the islands here someday… Haven’t yet made it past the Sakonnet River but maybe now this is the year to go to MV or thru the Canal or… Plymouth would be a cool destination by boat, I think.

    1. Daphne, yea well. Yes, she’s a bit larger than our previous but believeYOUme, the hub was trying to convince me into something longer/wider. um, does that sound wrong?

    1. Wow! We just sold our 340 Sundancer and almost bought a 400 SedanBridge. I will miss being a part of the Sea Ray family, actually. Do you go to Aquapalooza? RI hasn’t yet scheduled it for this summer.

  1. FABULOUS!! Last year hubby and I bought a 28.5 sailboat and had a great summer. Unfortunately it was too hot to sleep on the boat (only attempted once) and we ended up selling the boat at the end of the summer when I found out I was pregnant. But while it lasted it was blissful. I keep thinking one day I’ll blog about it but a year later what’s the point?


      1. Gah, frustrating! So sorry. Bright side: my friend is in the same boat (har har har) with the house she’s had an offer accepted on for months. Hope your deal works out or there’s a better boat awaiting you somewhere.

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