Boats Boats Boats Boats


Boats Boats Boats Boats:   Where is Care?

I have been wandering over   the country side   open seas   around various marinas on the Atlantic looking at campers-on-water aka BOATS.     Very fun and very frustrating.

I have read a book or two (finally) and just want you all to know that I am still around and have BLOG POST(s) on my To Do list today.    But it is a long list and priorities being what they are, I might not get to half the items!   I subbed yesterday at the High School and am scheduled to do so again tomorrow which severely cuts into my blogging time because well, it just does.     I was just sure I had one or two of my readers wondering where the heck I have been hiding lately.

Just so you know, I finished The Doctor’s Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis by Sherwin B Nuland and am ready to start Birth of Love by Joanna Kavenna for CitizenReader’s Book Menage.     And I have reviews started for Flow by Elissa Stein & Susan Kim and Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Tom Hardy.     I probably could post a Part 1 of the John Adams bio by McCullough that I listened to.

Other than that, I have about 3 books half read!   That doesn’t count Ulysses.   My saying that I have multiple books unfinished-but-not-given-up-on reiterates my obvious need and desire to be a monogamous reader.   ONE BOOK AT A TIME.   It’s been a crazy spring for my reading life and I blame it entirely on

BOAT SHOPPING.    Between MY wants, my husband’s wishlist/criteria, the desire to have two big dogs move around any boat, money, and and and…   Frustrating.

Sigh.     OH!   And next week I am going on a girls trip!!!    So exciting.    Hopefully I will get a book or two read then, too.






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18 thoughts on “Boats Boats Boats Boats

  1. Now every time I look at a boat–at least a non-navy line or non-sailing vessel–I’m going to think of the unromantic term “campers on water.”

  2. I’m excited for you about the boat shopping, frustrating as it may be. Because, just think: at the end of the story you’ll have A NEW BOAT!!! Which I think you should sail to Oregon.

  3. Despite the frustration, I’m really excited for you!!! I’m guessing the frustration will all be worth it when you all finally come upon the boat you’re dreaming of. 😀

    I’m glad you popped in because I’ve been missing you, but don’t sweat it worrying about us. I’m just happy to hear that you’ve been “happy” busy as opposed to the sucky kind of busy, you know.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Care!

    1. Debi, I’m around, just out of practice or something. YOU have a fantastic weekend. btw, I don’t think your tips on getting tumblr to work worked… sigh

  4. I hear ya’! It’s such a busy time. but BOAT shopping – what fun! and one that accommodates the dogs, too? What a cool family! And so as you squeeze in blogging and teaching and reading, know that we’re cheering you on, and also running around with glee to FINALLY have some nice weather!

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