Birthday Pie

Happy Birthday!!! to FizzyThoughts Jill and to my wonderful husband Dj!   AND TRISHA‘s, too!!!!      It’s a celebration.    (actually, the hub’s is tomorrow…)

Bourbon Apple Pie

Recipe adapted from page 223, Liz Reiter’s All-Granny Slug-O-Bourbon Spiced Apple Pie, of this book:    Author:  Ken Haedrich. I actually added a Golden Delicious apple and a spare pear because I didn’t think I had enough filling.   I made this two years ago at this same time. It’s hub’s favorite.

Last year, I wrote Jill a poem for her birthday and probably because April is National Poetry Month.

I had to google for quotes about ‘birthday pie’;   allow me to share:

A new novel called Birthday Pie by Arthur Wooten is out this year    and funny enough, the word ‘bourbon’ is on the cover…    I’m putting it on my to-be-read list despite the fact that the only rating, a 5 star, is from the author.

and this from comedian Jim Gaffigan:

“Pie can’t compete with cake. Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen.”



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18 thoughts on “Birthday Pie

  1. I think birthday pie is an excellent idea. It is a little easier if it’s a one-crust pie, but who cares? My husband’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, I may have to make this recipe. Sounds amazing.

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