A Meme! Remember These?

So FizzyThoughts tagged me for a meme!    So fun.   And something easy to do rather than write a review of The Secret Garden or Ulyssess (DNF or just NYF?) or John Adams (actually half-way listened to because the library only had the first set) or True Grit or Tess of the D’Urbervilles or…

I was one of the four bloggers she tagged, too.   I feel quite honored to have made the list.

The 4 Things Meme

FOUR Jobs I Have Had in My Life
1.   Substitute Teacher and Math Tutor
2.  Realtor
3.  Computer Programmer
4.  Hostess at Red Lobster

Four Books I Would Read Over and Over Again
1.  Goodnight Moon 
2. The Book Thief
3. What Color is Your Parachute
4. Any Dictionary

Four Places I Have Lived
1.  Peoria IL
2.  Manhattan KANSAS
3.  Washington DC (summer internship)
4. Omaha NE

Four Books I Would Recommend
1. The Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson
2.  Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
3. House by Tracy Kidder
4. Alphabet Juice by Roy Blount Jr

Four Places I Have Been
1.  Key West Florida
2.  Acadia National Park Maine
3. Anchorage Alaska
4. San Diego California

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Crab Legs
2. Reuben Sandwiches
3.  Movie Theatre Popcorn
4.  Colcannon

Four of My Favorite Drinks
1.  Boulevard Pale Ale
2.  Magic Hat Spring Vinyl
3. Cape Cod IPA
4.  Water

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
4.   ?

Four Things  PERSONS OR DOGS OR OTHER That are Very Special in My Life
1.  D_
2. Oscar
3. Esther
4. Time

Four Bloggers I Hope Do This Meme
1.  My Blogging Buddy AMUSED
2.  BeastMomma
3.  Angie
4.  Nat cuz she misses me so…  ha!!  (no, really, very sweet of you… *smiles* )

and that concludes this post.  Have a nice day!

Esther and Oscar



Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

27 thoughts on “A Meme! Remember These?

  1. Wow, you’re well-travelled! I love Goodnight Moon and The Book Thief, too. I haven’t read that particular Saint-Exupery, but I’ve read two of his books. One I loved (Night Flight to Arras?) and the other I did not (The Little Prince).

    Adorable Esther-Oscar pic!

    1. I am supposed to be re-reading WindSandStars for last year’s challenge so I keep thinking of it whenever ‘re-read’ is mentioned. I thought it quite poetic and beautiful.

  2. I love the photos of Esther and Oscar. My husband is all into IPAs lately, his favorite is Dogfish Head, especially the 90 Minute if he can find it. And you’ve been to all four corners of the US! I’ve been to three of the four but still haven’t made it to Alaska yet.

  3. What? Manhattan Kansas? Whew – how was it? what were you doing? Geez, I’m nosy. That one just caught me off guard.
    Love those little dogs of yours!
    Hope you’re having/about to have a grand and gorgeous weekend.
    And really, I should read WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? I’ve never read it. But if you say so…I’m good with it. I think the bookstore is open – now!

    1. I am proud to be a K-State Wildcat!! Met the hub there.
      and, I don’t know if Parachute is all that great (look at me: still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up) but I enjoy flipping through it and seeing how every year’s latest edition has evolved the field, so to speak.

  4. LOL! A few months ago I pondered whether it would be weird to go to the theater just to get the popcorn and then leave. Consensus was it was so I didn’t get my movie theater popcorn. Do love it!

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