Forgot About PI Day!

Whoops!  It’s March 14!   3.14!!    I forgot that I promised a pie for PI DAY.    Oh well; I do not have the time to actually bake a pie today.   Enjoy these past pie projects from Yours Truly.

(I am still ‘on hiatus’…  Thanks EVERYONE for all the best wishes!   I will have full report of adventures someday.)


Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post and all photos originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  Not to be reproduced without express written permission.

10 thoughts on “Forgot About PI Day!

  1. On a hiatus? And you think you are allowed to tempt me with pictures of gorgeous pies – on a hiatus? Really, it is bad enough when bloggers tempt me with all those books – but STRAWBERRIES!

  2. I forgot all about Pi Day too until I got up and saw the date on the calendar this morning. And today just had too much already going on for me to make one at the last minute. 😦 Oh well, I shall just satisfy myself by drooling over your pictures!

    Thank you, my dear, for the sweet, happy card! You’ve no idea how delightfully happy it made me, Care! No idea. 😀

    And darlin’, I soooooo hope you enjoy your hiatus! I understand the feeling–sometimes being away is just the most freeing thing in the world. If only it didn’t mean missing all the wonderful people out here, huh? I’ll be thinking about you!!!

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