The Sugar Queen

Thoughts     Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, A Bantam Book / 2008 9780553805499, 276 pages Hardback

MOTIVATION for READING: I bought this because it was on the Bargain Table for $4, I adored SAA’s novel Garden Spells, this author reminds me of a blogger friend who is responsible for bringing SAA to my attention and I needed something exactly like this when I was looking for a lighter book to read alongside Ulysses. And I liked the orange color and gold leaf on the cover. Not for any challenge.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:   A girl, excuse me – a woman well in her early 30s, feels responsible for taking care of her mother to atone for how horrible she was as a very very young child.    The mother is not the nicest person, shall we say.  Yes, we will say this.   She discovers another townie in her closet one day who needs to hide and escape an abusive relationship.  This person pushes Josey (Josey is the name of the first girl woman I mentioned) to move beyond her safe contained life of servitude and do some things quite out of character and against her mother’s wishes.    Wonderful madcap adventures ensue.    Well, sort of.  Misadventures?    Josey makes friends of the girlfriend AND the boyfriend kind.    The reader is swept away and roots for everyone!     The ending caught me off guard, which is always fun.    I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t.    Smiles

I LOVED THIS STORY!!!!        Makes me feel all happy gooey inside.

I want to read everything Sarah Addison Allen writes, past and future.

Ha! Easy as pie. Strawberry pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie with fresh vanilla ice cream.   -p.135

RATING:   Five Slices


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29 thoughts on “The Sugar Queen

    1. Elisabeth, thank you for letting me know. I was under the impression that she only had these 2 books until I finally did some research. I’m a fan.

  1. I have read a lot of good things about this author and her books, and actually think I have Garden Spells on my shelf, so it’s good to hear that this one was such a good read also. I like the fact that this is an uplifting book, which is something that I really need right now. Thanks for the wonderful review. You’ve got a great site here!

  2. I too have heard lots of good things about this author and about this book in particular. And anyone who feels as I do about strawberry rhubarb pie w/vanilla ice cream on top – well, that’s practically a guarantee I’ll like it!

    1. Diane, sorry – the spam catcher captured this comment and I just now noticed. Yes, SAA has a new one called THe Peach Keeper and I only recently realized she has more before Garden Spells. It will be fun to read them all.

  3. I think I have this one… I liked Garden Spells too! Glad to know this one is good as well — sometimes lighthearted magical fluff is PERFECT.

  4. Hmm, I can’t believe I didn’t comment here before, but I did read this and it made me find the book and read it and I loved it and will be saying so today over at NNP.

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