Thoughts   D.V. by Diana Vreeland (Edited by George Plimpton and Christopher Hemphill), First Da Capo Press 1997 139780306812637 (orig 1984), 196 pages

“Refreshing, mesmerizing, and delightful…  a splendid read.”                -Variety

WHY:     Review on blog Grace Magazine Sept2007.  Yes, I have had this on my tbr since the day I found out what t.b.r stands for (to be read, but y’all know that, right?)

WHO:    Diana Vreeland was an editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.   This is an odd little book.   It is entirely conversational; thus it is quite confusing, meandering and much beyond me in the name-dropping arena.     It has been said (so SHE says, sort of) that she launched the career of Twiggy   and also gave Cher a start in the modeling biz.    If I had to pick one word to describe this, I would say ‘scattered’.

“The only problem is you think too late. Everything is new the first time around.”   -p.43

I was quite pleased (as punch!) when she mentioned her good friend Millicent Rogers.  I KNOW WHO THAT IS!   She has a library named for her!  Millicent was the daughter of H.H. Rogers, wealthy dude and patron of Fairhaven Massachusetts.   He provided the cash to build the amazingly beautiful Millicent Library   and many other buildings in the area.  But if I hadn’t been so enamored of this little gem of a town on the southcoast of Mass, I would not have recognized the name.

Really, this book, this woman, this collection of bits about her life, felt a bit flat and just…  meh.

D.V. is a champagne party.” -Ms.

Ms. Vreeland could inspire anyone to be a free soul, I suppose.

I do respect her love for bold colors.

I respect that she lived her life by her own rules.

“The idea must be that you learn from the exaggeration.”   -p.27

If you have any interest in eccentric characters and a bit of fashion history, I would recommend this book. I can’t say anything was really WOW-factor which is why I am having such a hard time writing this so-called review. I know I expected more. If anyone wants to read it, I’ll choose at random one of you who might leave a comment by March 1 saying you want the book.

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15 thoughts on “D.V.

  1. I dislike a boring or badly written memoir. I feel like: Damn, don’t you care enough about your life to make a good job of telling it? Of course, since Vreeland was all about fashion, maybe we’re talking more about visual intelligence. Don’t editors work with authors anymore, coaxing and encouraging the best from them?

    1. Bybee! it was just…. Scattered. But if i was 15 years older and extremely in tune with that high society and ballet and fashion worlds…maybe I could have found much to relate to.

      I really cannot use the word boring here. She is over the top and far far away from the mddle class world that boring Is not the word you would use.

  2. i get a bit nervous from books like this–i’ve read a few memoirs that have a similar style and i find name dropping and stream of conscious writing a tad off putting–must be all that je ne cest qoi. mwa ha ha. i know how you love when i drop in those clever french phrases. that said, dv does sound like quite the character. did the book have photographs? that might liven it up a bit.

  3. Dear C,
    I’ve love to be entered/considered for “winning” this book. I have had a long love affair with VOGUE magazine, but only during the Anna Wintour years. (Prior to that, I was obliviousu). I love the magazine, for all kinds of unimportant reasons, but am always interested to see what one editor does as mentored/influenced by its previous editor. And though you’d never know it from my closet and daily “wardrobe,” I’m a fashion hound, er, follower.
    So I am intrigued by the book tho’ I take you at your word on its “arrangement of info.”

    Count me in!

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