Notice of Care

Hello!   Just a few oddball tidbits to share on my book journey through life…

NOTICE notice |ˈnōtis|noun
1 attention; observation : their silence did not escape my noticeit has come to our notice that you have been missing school blog.
2 notification or warning of something, esp. to allow preparations to be made: interest rates are subject to fluctuation without notice. •  a formal declaration of one’s intention to end an agreement, typically one concerning employment or tenancy, at a specified time : she handed in her notice.
3 a displayed sheet or placard giving news or information : the jobs were advertised in a notice posted in the common room. •  a small advertisement or announcement in a newspaper or magazine : anobituary notice. • (usu. notices) a short published review or comment about a new film, play, or book : she had good notices in her first film.

Jousting with Joyce and I have never had a jousting lesson.   Honestly, I’m getting this feeling that I’ve been thrown into a pool and only then realized I don’t know how to swim.   That I’ve signed up to run a marathon and have yet to first see if I can run one mile, let alone 26.    That I haven’t read the Odyssey and it might be a wee bit helpful.   That I am not ready for Ulysses at this time.

Here’s the latest sentence I read which is page 61 out of 2548 of my iBook version:

Buck Mulligan at once put on a blithe broadly smiling face.

blithe |blīð; blīθ|adjective  –  showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper : a blithe disregard for the rules of the road.• happy or joyous : a blithe seaside comedy.

Although these next words are some of my least favorite to ever have been strung together:  I-AM-TOO-BUSY!   I’m about to go on a trip, I have annoying accounting to do before I can submit my tax crap to the Tax Lady, my husband has challenged me to pull a few hundred (*cough*) dollars out of the budget OR GET A REAL JOB (*sigh*), my house needs to be cleaned, I’m behind on my goal to read 100 books (I know, I know), and of course, we had a Super Bowl party.  That’s over but it still distracted me all weekend and again, did I not say that my house needs to be cleaned?  Yes, yes I did.

So, instead…   I read Sarah Allen Addison’s DELIGHTFUL   Sugar Queen and I don’t know if the refreshing charming sweetness of this lovely little lovely book was just that much more palatable than Ulysses, but they didn’t compare in enjoyment level.

I also watched The Social Network and thought the movie made Zuckerberg look much more like an asshole than the book did. Just sayin’.   I know I mentioned that The Accidental Billionaires book might have a skewed representation of the whole startup-of-Facebook thing, but I didn’t know I would have to defend the author in his writing it anyway without having interviewed the keyest of the key guys.  But I do. I think he did a fair job of it; especially now that I’ve seen the movie (which has more of the lawsuit deposition/trial stuff).

I don’t know if I will write a review of Sugar Queen anytime soon.   Perhaps I will go UNPLUGGED instead.   But do know (Softdrink, I’m looking at you!  🙂  ) that I am ONLY taking Ulysses and Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists in eReader format with me on my vacation.

OK, thank you.   Carry on.

Oh, and tomorrow is Book Journey Sheila‘s birthday, FYI.   🙂



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18 thoughts on “Notice of Care

  1. I quote Amanda all the way: you are a brave soul!
    And: a goal of 100 books a year PLUS reading Ulysses? I wouldn’t even think of trying (ok, I wouldn’t try Ulysses ever again…), but if you had the courage to challenge yourself, I am sure you can also pull it off!
    Enjoy your vacation, and happy reading!

  2. Ruthiella

    I feel for you Care! I read Ulysses two years ago and it took months! Well, I say I “read” it. I read every word. Whether or not I understood it, well that is another thing. I found reading with a study guide, like Cliff Notes, was very helpful.

    As for cleaning your house: I cleaned “well” on Friday because I had overnight guests. The last time I cleaned “well” was back in December, when I had house guests. The fear of someone else’s dissaproval is really the best thing to get me moving!

  3. Well, I must say not to be discouraged about Ulysses, it took me over two years because you can’t read much at a time! But it is worth it just because of how influential it is.
    And hey – anyone who loves to read the way we do never has a clean house. Because if you did, it would mean you were behind in your reading!!

  4. Ok funny girl! I see how you slipped that last sentence in there my fellow 9!

    The fact that you Jill, Trisha and a few other brave souls are reading Ulysses astounds me. I shake uncontrolably when I stand to close to that book…. it frightens me.

    Have a super break and eat lots of pie!

  5. Oh, vacation … oh, unplugging … sounds wonderful!

    THE IMPERFECTIONISTS is on my wish list (ULYSSES is not … yet!)

    I’m chuckling at the title of this blog post. It sounds like a proclamation of “I shall care.”

    How’s that for some blithely disjointed commenting?!

    Happy, happy!

  6. Ok missy–having just read The Odyssey I can assure you it would NOT be helpful. Not harmful but not helpful. Stop stressing so much, grab that jousting stick and pierce away. 😉 If ANY of us say we’re understanding Ulysses, we’re lying through our teeth. Like dogs.

    Does that help? 😉

  7. I attempted Ulysses about 10 years ago. And gave up after the first chapter. Maybe I’m just not smart enough. I did enjoy “A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man” but I can’t get through U. Anyway — I think I have Sugar Queen at home somewhere… good to know it’s good for a palate cleanser. 🙂

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